Tatiana Totmianina had surgery

Татьяна Тотьмянина перенесла операцию The skater was injured during the regular performances in the show Ilya Averbuch. Tatiana broke her leg and now she will meet New year in a cast. When she returns to work, is still unknown.

Figure skating is one of the most traumatic sports. Olympic champion of 2006 Tatyana Totmyanina ended up with a great sports ten years ago, but continues to ride a lot, participates in the TV show Ilya Averbuch. She is busy in several ice shows, including a beloved Christmas tale “the Nutcracker”. Tatiana the main party and New year’s eve she performs every day.

But soon fans of Totmjanina will not see the favorite in the role of Marie. During the next hire, Tatiana fell and severely injured his right leg. She reported the injury on the personal page in Instagram by publishing the address of Ilya Averbukh to the audience and photo plastered leg.

“The year you were beautiful, but over pechalka. Treat the situation philosophically. A broken leg is not a reason to be upset and need a break. I want to apologize to our team and dear audience for the circumstances. Live on. Soon I’ll be with you! Love you all”, – signed photo of Tatiana.

Tatiana was supported by the members and wished a speedy recovery. “Let the leg heal faster! And this is the most upsetting in the past year! Health and good luck to your family! Always nice to see your happy and glowing love of photography!” – they wrote. One of the messages in the Network left the husband of the figure skater, the father of her two daughters, Alexei Yagudin. He also said that Tatiana had undergone surgery.

“Unfortunately, injuries and sports life often overlap! I’m an unrealistic optimist, so I think that life gave @tatianatotmyanina time to just relax! Thank you, @ykhokhlova that night learned the whole show and saved the situation! Thank you all for the words of support @tatianatotmyanina. It is now a favorite for the surgery, but I’m sure in another way and can not be, everything will be fine! Get well soon and come back to ice the best team P. S. most importantly, the pedicure didn’t ruin it!”, – written by Alex.