Татьяна Тотьмянина и Алексей Ягудин улетели в романтическое путешествие
Skaters decided to devote time to each other.

Татьяна Тотьмянина и Алексей Ягудин улетели в романтическое путешествие

Tatiana Totmianina and Alexei Yagudin

Alexei Yagudin and Tatiana Totmianina decided to arrange a romantic vacation and went to nice to spend together magical six

“Turn off parental guilt and
dissolve in each other. Our honeymoon six days,” wrote Tatiana to
page in the social network. Loved ones pair left in Paris in the care of
reliable nanny. The fact is that in France studying their eldest daughter Lisa. First, Alex and Tatiana spent a week with the whole family. Indeed, in Paris they took not only her younger sister Michelle, but
even the darling of the family — a Yorkshire Terrier named Varia. While Lisa was at school, parents
everywhere was walking with her younger daughter and even in the museums I went with the child. Michelle sweet
slept in the stroller, and at this time the famous skaters
enjoyed the works of Claude Monet in the famous Musee d’orsay.

Recall that in an exclusive commentary to the magazine “7 days”
Alex said that the eldest daughter moving to France was a deliberate decision.

“Daughter speaks well in French, it is easy to communicate with
peers can already Express their thoughts, and most importantly, she understands everything and even
translates some things, ” said Yagudin. — We with Tanej priority
education — education. The child moving to France — this is a deliberate decision:
thus we want to expand the horizons Lysine. In the future we will begin to study
other foreign languages. Now Lisa lives with a nanny, but we at any
opportunities come to check on her”.

Alexei Yagudin with his daughters Michelle and Lisa

Photo: Instagram

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