Tatiana Tarasova does not believe in the future of Yulia Lipnitskaya

Татьяна Тарасова не верит в будущее Юлии Липницкой The coach believes that my skater will not be able to get back on the ice and impress the audience with their achievements. According to Tatyana Tarasova, Yulia Lipnitskaya is to try yourself in other activities. Star sports believes that the girl has got to be another way.

Honored trainer of the USSR Tatiana Tarasova is now removed in the semi-finals of the TV show “Kids on the ice. The stars.” The woman is the main judge of the show, which is attended by children from different cities of Russia. Recently, the journalists met with Tatiana Anatolievna and talked to her about figure skating. Tarasov admitted that in anticipation of the Olympic games. “Expect a great fight in the national team for getting each athlete in the team,” she said.

During the conversation with the correspondent the coach made it clear he did not doubt the skills of two-time world champion and the record holder Evgenia Medvedeva. As for Adelina Sotnikova, the legend of the sport does not believe that she will manage to return to the previous level. Speaking of mentor figure skater Tatiana did not go into details. “When Evgeni Plushenko will be held as a coach, then you’ll believe it,” she shared.

Reporters also asked Tatiana Tarasova her opinion about a possible return to the sport Julia Lipnitskaya who was loved at the games in Sochi in 2014. But now, several years after the triumph of the athletes, many are skeptical about the fact that she will manage to surprise everyone with their achievements. Tatiana was among those who want Yulia to try myself in other activities. Tarasov believes that Lipnitskaya will not be able to impress the fans of figure skating.

The former coach of Yulia Lipnitskaya accused her of passivity

“She’s a star, that flashed in my time, thank her for it. Julia decorated her part of the Olympic games in Sochi. Her people will never forget the girl in the red dress. She sent a letter to the genius of cinema Steven Spielberg. Someone sent such a letter? No? Me neither. And she sent. She received a full confession. Someone so different to different. Then starts some other way,” said the coach.

We will remind that in February of this year, Tatiana Tarasova noted the anniversary. Legendary athlete turned 70 years old. On this occasion, she decided to arrange a Grand party in Gum, which gathered many celebrities. In addition, Tarasov organized the evening in “Luzhniki”. Those who want to celebrate round date with the honored trainer of the USSR was so much that had to do three shows.

Tatiana Tarasova celebrated anniversary

In a recent interview Tatyana admitted that she received job offers from abroad. Foreign athletes are turning to Tarasova for help before the Olympic season. But the coach is not considering such options. “Because I said so”, – quotes its “Sport-Express”.