Tatiana Tarasova about leaving the profession: “It really hurts”

Татьяна Тарасова об уходе из профессии: «Это очень больно» Honored coach suffers from a lack of demand. Tatiana Tarasova shared personal experiences. The celebrity denied the opportunity to go on the ice at least a few hours a day. The star, who trained dozens of world Champions and the Olympic games, lamenting over what was left.
Татьяна Тарасова об уходе из профессии: «Это очень больно»

Honored coach Tatiana Tarasova this year celebrates two anniversaries – own the 70th anniversary and the 50th anniversary activities at the education of athletes, including many prominent skaters whose names are known all over the world.

Tatyana Tarasova and her students were devoted to the issue of the Saturday program of the First channel “Tonight.” And it was not only about the achievements of the famous coach and the triumph of her pupils. Was made in the program and the topic of demand of athletes and their teachers. Tatiana Tarasova gave to understand that after the success of her apprentice Alexei Yagudin Olympics 2002 in salt lake city, where he won the gold medal, she remained out of work. Honored coach today suffers from the fact that for her in Moscow there was no rink where she could work.

“Me unreasonable use. Over these 15 years after Alyosha not to give me in Moscow or one hour or one ice rink. It is very painful, you do not used as I could, with resentment voice said Tatiana. Yeah, I’m a consultant, but by nature, I am a coach. I have to work. To get a day at least three hours. I look at coaches in the U.S., it is over eighty, and they go to the rink and teach. And I can’t go…”
Татьяна Тарасова об уходе из профессии: «Это очень больно»

Co-host of the program “Tonight” Maxim Galkin was glad that these words Tarasova sounded. Showman suggested that Tatiana is so many years out of work, because they all had the impression that she is popular person because she never talks about their problems.

However, the coach made it clear that quite often the voice of the subject.

Татьяна Тарасова об уходе из профессии: «Это очень больно»“I already hate myself for it, I do not want to talk about it, if people do not hear, – said Tarasov. But I’m still happier his dad, because his 56 years deprived of the opportunity to work, fired from everything because once he stopped the game”.

During the program, Tatiana Tarasova thanked Ilya Averbukh for the fact that a few years ago, invited her to the role of chief judges of the show “Ice period.”

“Thank you, Ilya took me to these many years. Once a week I lived. Because it was a living thing,” admitted Tatiana Tarasova.