Tatiana Ovsiyenko can’t find time to get married

Татьяна Овсиенко не может найти время, чтобы выйти замуж The star of the 90s too busy and can not accurately determine the date of the wedding and wedding. Tatiana Ovsienko three and a half years waiting for her beloved from prison. After Alexander Merkulova acquitted, the couple decided to get married.

      Татьяна Овсиенко не может найти время, чтобы выйти замуж

      A long time popular singer of the 90s Tatyana Ovsienko couldn’t stand to be near her beloved. The fact that three and a half years the investigation was conducted in respect of her lover, a businessman Alexander Merkulov. The beloved actress was suspected in the assassination of the owner JSC “Petersburg oil terminal” Sergei Vasiliev, which occurred in 2006. But after a long trial the verdict was – not guilty Merkulov. He was released immediately from the courtroom. After the long-awaited liberation Tatiana felt a kind of euphoria. The loving couple decided to legalize their relationship, but for two years I can not find time to arrange a celebration.

      The court acquitted the beloved Tatyana Ovsienko for the murder

      “We decided that in the spring we could get married again. But until that was done – once! Then his son married, a grandchild was baptized. Sasha about my grandson joking: “Tanya, it’s scary to sleep with grandma!” I hope in the fall, for my birthday, we still write out. Dream of a beautiful wedding, on a white elegant dress”, – shares his plans about future wedding Ovsienko.

      After the businessman was released from jail, turns out he’s married to someone else. Despite the fact that he had not lived with his wife, however, he could not marry Tatiana. At the end of 2015, he officially divorced.

      Although at the very beginning of litigation Merkulov allowed Ovsienko, most choose to remain with him or to be free from a relationship, the singer was determined to keep the love, even if Alexander went to prison. But after the long-awaited liberation with the joy came to Tatiana and anxiety for the future.

      “It’s one thing romantic meetings once a month that we had just met. And the other permanent cohabitation. I wanted to define the term, and I bluntly asked: going to marry or so wait?” – recalls the artist.

      Apparently, in the autumn of the artist’s grandiose plans. Besides the fact that she plans to still organize the wedding, Ovsienko wants to have a big solo concert. Moreover, she has a great reason – 30 years on stage. “Thank God, the audience forgets me, the tour schedule is still tight, collect halls, the songs of my viewers love and remember,” Ovsiyenko said in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

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