Tatiana Ovsienko met a loved one out of jail

Татьяна Овсиенко встретила любимого из тюрьмы The civil husband of the singer was released this night. Alexander Merkulov was serving a sentence in the Metropolitan detention center since August last year. Tatiana waited at the gates of the elect “Matrosskaya Tishina”. The pair has shared emotions with “StarHit”.

Beloved 49-year-old singer Tatyana Ovsienko Alexander Merkulov was again behind bars in August last year. He was accused of organizing an attempt on businessman Sergei Vasiliev. While there was a consequence in this case, the man was already in jail for three years. He was serving a sentence in the famous “sailor’s silence” in a common cell, that can accommodate up to eight people convicted of heinous crimes. Tatiana regularly visited Alexander: come on out, bring transmission. Groom Tatyana Ovsienko was again put in prison

After the arrest of the beloved Ovsienko led a fairly private life, rarely appeared at social events. However, he continued to actively advocate, gave concerts to earn the money she could spend on lawyers for Merkulova.

Tonight she came to the door of the detention center №1 in the North-East of Moscow, to meet her lover, and hug it out already. Behind bars Alexander spent six months. Lawyer Valery Merkulov, Babkovich confirmed that he was released. Tatiana could not hold back the tears.

“I’m happy Sasha together again, that day has finally arrived, – has shared with “StarHit” Ovsienko. – We are now for a few days will go to see the family, hang, rest”.

Alexander himself glad to be finally reunited with the woman he loved. We elect Tatyana a lot of plans about their future together. “I feel fine, all is well, – said the “StarHit” Merkulov. – Really missed Tanya. Now we have a whole life ahead, and now we’re married, and get married as planned!”

Close Tatiana admitted that she endured a very difficult period of separation from a civilian spouse. The singer cried a lot and suffered, trying to understand why it happened with them.

“Separation is a thing very cruel, – hardly constraining tears, confessed Ovsienko. – She is relentless. The inability to touch your loved one, to smell it… My life was turned on its head. I don’t understand how it is to live. I am very hurt, and pain comes. I am constantly crying and asking higher powers why as soon as I started to feel that love me, all of this happened?”