Татьяна Навка придумала дочери оригинальное развлечение Celebrity happy fun baby. Tatiana Navka has posted a photo of two-year-old Nadia. Fans once again noted that the skater is a loving and caring mother.

      Fans do not get tired to admire a family idyll famous figure skater Tatiana Navka and her husband, Dmitry Peskov. Two years ago the couple had a daughter Hope. Now that girl is a little older, a famous athlete enjoys sharing funny photos and videos featuring adorable child. Each publication celebrity stormy delight of many followers of the illustrious sportswomen.

      Today Tatiana has demonstrated how spending time with little Nadia. For daughter she came up with the original game – the girl sat in a large beach bag, and my mother began to wear the baby around the room.

      “Smile,” – asked the athlete to his fans.

      Photos published Tatiana Navka (@tatiana_navka) Jul 21 2016 at 3:55 PDT

      Apparently, the daughter of the grooves had in mind as fun entertainment. Subscribers the publication caused a storm of positive emotions. “Shopping failed”, “a good life is not heavy, favorite burden is our kids”, “Well, as long as the bag fits. Before you know it, as the bride will be”, “handbags are all contain in themselves” – with humor commented on a photo of a skater many followers of her microblog.

      Also fans at that time said that Tatiana is a wonderful mother. Not long ago, the Pastor began to teach Nadia to swim. In kiddie pool little girl felt very comfortable and she seemed completely not afraid of water. Two-year-old heiress athletes confidently swam a few meters after jumping from the ledge.

      “Now she spends every spare moment beside her little daughter. Even before the birth of the baby she is very worried, how would react to the emergence of a sister to her older daughter, Alexandra. However, after Nadia was born and grew up a little, all doubts have vanished skater girls adore each other.

      “Nadya just thrilled when he sees Sasha. She runs to her room – their room-bedrooms are near to knocking her. I think Nadia actually loves everybody. Sasha was 14 years old when Nadia was born. A difficult age. Of course, she was afraid, of course, did not understand how it goes – it used to be for me only one on the entire planet. But when sister was born, everything was decided by itself – nadyusha us so much happiness brought! Well, it’s impossible not to love, she is a very bright, kind, Sunny – I like my Sasha”, he told the Post in an interview.

      Photos published Tatiana Navka (@tatiana_navka) May 2 2016 2:09 PDT

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