Tatiana Navka: “Women need to respect yourself”

Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать» The athlete told the “StarHit” why not chasing trends, what advice receives from his daughter and the surprise in his new show. Exactly 10 years ago, Olympic champion graced the cover of the first issue of our magazine. It is no coincidence that the main character of the jubilee issue was exactly it.
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»

Tatiana day is painted on minutes, and now she is planning it carefully. Therefore, a photo Studio for shooting the Pastor asked me to find close to home. There she came straight from rehearsal ice show “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. “Another man!” – smiles skater when I show her archival room “StarHit”, dated 22 November 2007.

“I have a huge responsibility”

But you look great! Remember yourself 10 years ago?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»In fact, people with age does not change. It is accepted to speak, saying that he would be different… But the internal component, the essence – all this is laid in childhood, adjusted in adolescence and by the age of 25 people are formed completely. In my heart I’m the same girl that aspires to the heights, dreams, set a goal. Of course, they evolved a bit. Now I have children. Then the child was only seven years old, today 17. Was born another little girl. My desire is primarily connected with them. Want daughter found himself to be happy, self-sufficient, multi-faceted women who met their significant others were able to fulfill their potential. Winning an Olympic medal, I felt like life was scored, I gained insane popularity in Russia thanks to the show “Ice age”… over the years has become more confident, bolder, had more responsibility in the family. Children grow up, parents are not getting any younger. I understand that they are very dependent on me. Then it was not. But still believe in miracles and stories with happy endings. I believe that we need to live kindness, love, trust people. —
We then asked you the question: “do you want to try yourself in the role of coach at the Olympics?” You said that it can be. On the nose winter Games 2018 in Pyeongchang. Are there any plans to participate as a mentor?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»This Olympics is not exactly ready. But never say never. Ten years ago I even could not imagine that in 2017 is still going to skate.—
What events are considered the most important during this period?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»Of course, the main thing for me – the birth of their second daughter, Hope, and family. As for the work, a new step in my life – that I am the producer and Director of such a large project – the musical on ice “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. This is another role, which now devote themselves. It is difficult: all you need to follow, starting with ideas and ending with advertising, ticket sales. Delve into every detail.—
In preparation certainly follow a special diet?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»I love delicious, quality food. My diet consists of no bread, but sometimes, if you really want, allow yourself to make an exception. The main point to remember about balance in the diet. —
My daughter, my husband doesn’t grumble that you are often not home?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»Of course, the girls miss him, especially the young. And the husband too works a lot. So in this plan everything is in harmony. Of course, I try to spend our big family any free days and weekends, go to movies, walk, recently in the “Aquarium” was chosen.
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»
Now, many are obsessed with the series. You how to treat them?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»There is too much time. But recently on “the First channel” was a film about Trotsky. And we all enthusiastically watched it. Wonderful design, amazing camera work, beautiful lyrics and wonderful actors… Right Bravo!—
My younger daughter is now probably in a period where it repeats for you?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»Nadia went to kindergarten, she loves it. To the gym carry it. Yes, she’s growing up, already feeling the responsibility. Understand that normally something to strive for, something to do, somewhere to go. To sit on the couch and watch TV all day – she even desires this does not occur! And we, the parents, never tried to slip her some kind of game, just to take the child. If Nadia plays with dolls – creates, builds, cures, feeds. Of course, cartoons and fairy tales in her life, too, is trying to be useful, with meaning. I especially love our old Soviet “Well, wait a minute!”, “Buttermilk”, “Bag of apples” – those which she grew up. It’s not just bright, flickering images, and interesting stories with a great sense of humor and unobtrusive examples of kindness and life values. —
And how many hours per day are allowed to watch?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»It is not about the hours, and minutes, approximately 15-20, for example in the morning when Nadia braided hair. Of course, we looked and our old movie “Ruslan and Lyudmila” – was quite the family show. My daughter liked it, then not once asked to enable it again. And a book since then, different reads, though it is quite complex for the child’s perception. Actually, this prompted me to create the show. I suddenly realized: here is the piece that will look amazing on the ice. It is incredible – fabulous and at the same time is not for children. —
What do you say now about the claim “with sweet heaven in a tent”? This question we also asked you back in 2007…
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»I agree and to this day, of course. Things come and go but a native person can lose and nobody never replace. Therefore, we must cherish relationships with people. The most important thing.
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»
And you can do it. For example, recently there was a ball Tatler, after which all the fans were touched by the video where your daughter Sasha is dancing with dad. How did you manage to preserve the relationship with the former spouse at such a high level? A few manage…
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»All depends on the people. Whether they like it or not, is there any reason why. We have a daughter, Sasha, who grew up magical, kind, self-confident girl, largely due to the fact that she has a mom and dad, self-sufficient, with respect related to each other who are wise enough to keep perfect communication for the child. And for myself too actually. What can I say? Well done!

“Houses need to be soft”

Like 10 years ago, you in the first lines of ratings of the most beautiful and sexy. And like myself? Another question-repeat.
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»What I said then? I even wonder! —
“In different ways. Like any normal woman, I see myself critical. Sometimes in the morning look in the mirror and think, “Oh-Oh – Oh!” – and sometimes his own reflection quite satisfied. It all depends on confidence. A woman should be beautiful internally, to radiate the light.”
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»In General, my opinion has not changed. Every woman need to respect yourself. What would life had happened, her need to find time and opportunities to care for themselves. Because if you don’t like yourself, you definitely won’t like and others. Coco Chanel said: “there are No ugly women, there are women who don’t know they’re beautiful.” With age I rephrase this thought and believe that no ugly women, there are women lazy.
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»
Lazy Tatiana Navka is not exactly call. You have now a big team where you run. Are you a strict boss?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»I wouldn’t say that. In the performances helps me Pyotr Chernyshev. There is also a very talented choreographer Igor Orsulak that we know each other since the days of the “Ice age”, Alexey Sechenov, the global Director of the project. We have a terrific team. Of course, sometimes arguments arise, people need something to send, give energy, make. I get great pleasure from the whole process. —
A house you what? White and fluffy?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»In my opinion, the woman of the house should be soft, delicate, enveloping, Keeper of the hearth. Can tell me this easily possible. —
Your eldest daughter Sasha this year’s graduating high school. Surely a student?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»Sasha is a very good student. Will arrive on economic faculty of MGIMO. It’s her choice. As a mom, I did not particularly intervene immediately approved. —
Alexander is a very artistic girl: singing, dancing… she didn’t have thoughts to go to the theatre?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»Of course, she grew up in a creative family genes after all. Therefore, in the future it can be. —
Sasha is 17, she is living with you. At what age, in your opinion, the child needs to separate from the family?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»All individually. I’m 14 years already lived separately from their parents. He also spent a lot of time abroad, away from home, at training camps, competitions, and were not sated with home comfort, communication with my mother. I would its chances. Of course, the longer daughter will be with us, so I as a mother easier and enjoyable. But if you want to separate, to keep her forcibly, no one will.—
Alexander generally self-sufficient in terms of life?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»Enough. One day I decided to learn to cook. Can now fry the meat, eggs, salad, slice. I can be calm.
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»
But there’s one thing you learn from her? All teenagers now advanced. Know what is HYIP?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»So? (shows dance move deb. – Approx. “StarHit”). —
No. HYIP is when speculating on scandal to gain the likes, views. What is a Diss, zaskar?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»Oh, mother! Something like Sasha sometimes said, but I do not pay attention. Adopt clearly not it. My daughter is very wise. Sometimes I ask her for advice – on style, for example. Lately even raise serious questions of life. She’s really been my friend. We touch upon various topics – from clothing to love. —
And Dmitry, what Sasha can talk to?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»They are constantly talking. Admonishes that you can not so much time on the phone, tells how important and useful to read books. The daughter tries to listen, but now it is impossible to make all on my own. Although there are issues that Sasha discusses this with her husband.—
And with them Alexander introduces? Probably in the school they are lights out there.
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»My daughter has many friends, they come to visit us. As for first love, she still doesn’t like anyone. Sasha I’m too picky – strap high. Similar to me.
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»
In General, what do you think about today’s youth?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»I believe that each generation is great in its own way. I, for example, were not parties, discos. Really didn’t even know teenagers who grew up in my time. But I trained from morning to night. And free days either resting, recovering from stress or went to the theatre. Now all phones YouTube – and not only children but also adults. On the one hand, terrible, with another – such a huge information flow. In any case, today’s youth are much more active, faster growing, she has more knowledge and capabilities. This is good, as it should be. —
But at the same time they stand in line for iPhones, sneakers…
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»And we were standing in line for sneakers. Look, in this respect, nothing has changed! I actually find such things interesting: it was released the iPhone, so what? At first was excited, then tired. The phone is a new function, need to pump with the old information for a whole day to spend! This possibility just yet. So I pulled the time, I think, after “Ruslan and Lyudmila” get and change iPhone. View. But my daughter is watching gadgets. —
You said that the children take their cue from parents. And so we need their behavior to show them how to behave. What you have at home is forbidden?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»There are certain standards. All are busy, work, study. Once a week the older are allowed to go to the movies with friends, to have fun… as for the rest – drink, smoke, swear and so on – don’t even talk. Our family does not have such problems. —
New year still have time. But maybe my daughter has ordered you gifts?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»Nadia was a dream dog. She got it for a birthday. And now wants cakes, sweets, chocolates – that’s the whole order. —
And what do you see yourself in 10 years?
Татьяна Навка: «Женщина должна себя уважать»Then we’ll talk! Probably a grandmother! Kidding. I would like to be as young and full of energy. The main thing to drive, fun, life, to all the loved ones were close to world peace that I was loved and loved. What else is needed for happiness?