Татьяна Навка боялась, что старшая дочь не примет младшую The famous figure skater told about the relationship between heiresses. Tatiana Navka admitted that in that moment, when Hope was born, Alexandra began a difficult age. However, the family managed to avoid difficulties.

      Татьяна Навка боялась, что старшая дочь не примет младшую

      At the last Cannes film festival Tatyana Navka made a splash. The famous figure skater shone on the red carpet in outfits by famous designers and with the same Frank smile, posed for the cameras secular chroniclers.

      Tatiana Navka made a splash in Cannes

      16-year-old daughter Alexandra wanted to be the mother on a bright event in the world of cinema, but could not – she had exams, graduation, ninth grade. Young lady constantly called Tatiana and asked what she saw international stars, and something interesting happened during the day. The youngest daughter athletes Hope yet really interested in other things. Two year old little girl gets first experience in the sport and doted older sister. But when Nadia was born, my mother had experiences how to take it Sasha. Fortunately, no problems arose.

      “Oh, it is love. Nadya just thrilled when he sees Sasha. She runs to her room – their room-bedrooms around, knocking on it. I think Nadia loves all in General, – says Tatiana. – Sasha was 14 years old when Nadia was born. Complex age. Of course, she was afraid, of course, didn’t understand how things will go – it used to be for me only one on the entire planet. But when sister was born, everything was decided by itself – nadyusha us so much happiness brought! Well, it’s impossible not to love, she’s very bright, kind, Sunny – in fact, as my Sasha”.
      Татьяна Навка боялась, что старшая дочь не примет младшую

      It is interesting that Alexander, which a few years ago dreamed of career athletes, have dramatically changed our focus and decided to storm show business. Not so long ago under the pseudonym of Alexis, the heir to the famous family presented her debut song “Going to dance”. Track premiere took place in early August at a family celebration. Later, the song came on the hit parade of “Russian radio”, which can be considered a success for a debut. Mother supports daughter.

      “I said to her that what she is confident: “Casul, you do what you like. Take singing lessons, dance, draw, here I’m giving you carte Blanche”. Let’s looking for himself. The main thing – not to stand still, to feel engaged, to form in ourselves the habit to constant work. Pleases me as she’s caught up in studying how rapidly did it! Still, the sport gave her a lot of things: perseverance, perseverance, commitment, patience,” says Navka in an interview with the magazine “Hello!”.

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