Татьяна Навка прогулялась по Баку с Дмитрием Песковым Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov, enjoying each other’s company in the capital of Azerbaijan. The skater and the press Secretary of the Russian President walked through the beautiful streets of the city and with pleasure posed for photographers.
Татьяна Навка прогулялась по Баку с Дмитрием Песковым

Now, almost three years Tatiana Navka happily married to press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov. Skater does not often share revelations about his personal life, but if it says on the forbidden topic, it is always breathlessly tells of the infinite merits of the spouse.

Fans of no doubt: Dmitry Peskov is ready to go at all, if only to make the beloved happy. However due to a busy schedule of both spouses, they don’t get to see as often as we would like. When a figure skater and press Secretary given a few days, they are happy to go on vacation.

Татьяна Навка прогулялась по Баку с Дмитрием Песковым

This time the couple decided to spend the weekend in Sunny Baku. The day before they visited the red carpet of the festival “Heat”, and managed to become the most talked about couple. Fans admired stylish white dress Tatyana, which emphasized her perfect figure.

The next day the Sands Navka decided to walk around the capital of Azerbaijan. Of course, they could not pass up the legendary streets where once was filming the movie “the diamond arm”. Tatiana posed for photographers with her husband.

For a romantic stroll, the skater chose an elegant beige skirt, which complements the white top. But Dmitri preferred the light trousers and a blue shirt.

The couple clearly enjoyed each other’s company: they had a nice conversation and constantly held hands.

Instagram athletes also appeared some photos taken during the walk. Apparently, Tatiana was left in complete awe of the city.

“What a colorful and beautiful old Baku”, — she wrote under one of the photos from Azerbaijan.
Татьяна Навка прогулялась по Баку с Дмитрием Песковым

Fans do not get tired to admire the harmony that prevails in the relationship of the star couple. Earlier Navka admitted that every minute spent beside her husband for her is priceless. Most often, the couple traveling with her daughter Nadia, which in August will be four years. However, it is unknown whether the baby with his parents in Baku.

As her star mom, Nadia cared Dmitry Peskov. Spouses do not deny that the girl is literally awash in their love. While the successor of the famous parents enjoying the childhood, but fans are sure that the baby will have a bright future.