Татьяна Навка рассказала, как муж поладил с ее дочерью The famous figure skater admits in their family atmosphere of love and understanding. Daughter Tatiana Navka from first marriage Alexander has no difficulties in communicating with the current spouse of the sportswoman.

      The famous figure skater Tatiana Navka combined bonds of marriage with the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in August last year. This summer the couple celebrated calico wedding, having a romantic evening in the restaurant. At the moment, they live in the two cities. Athlete runs in Sochi, speaking in the musical “Carmen” and her husband is in Moscow. Navka really misses his wife. Tatiana claims that they have several times a week to fly to each other, to spend a few hours together. Tatiana Navka inconvenienced by separation from her husband

      In a family of athletes there is a complete understanding. Everybody’s favorite is the youngest daughter of Peskov and skill sets Nadia, born in 2014. The heiress tries to be like his beautiful mother, so at such a young age already wears trendy outfits and goes for a manicure. The eldest daughter is figure skater Sasha managed to find common language with new family members. According to Tatiana, the girl is talks with Peskov.

      “Alexandra has a wonderful trusting relationship with Dimitri. And I am very glad of this fact. Well she gets along with sister Nadia. Babe loves Sasha, distinguishes it among all. Well, what girl wouldn’t want to have fashionable older sister is beauty?”, – said Tatiana.

      According to a skater, her daughter Sasha tries to make herself. That’s why she came up with the stage name Alexis that under this name to release music. Recently 16-year-old girl released her debut video for the song “breathe Me”.

      “She is still very young, so like any teenager, embarrassed and shy about their famous parents. Stage name Alexis is also a combination of her modesty with a childish desire to make the most without the help of mom and dad, while Sasha is all over me advised,” he shared with journalists “Days.<url>” Navka.

      By the way, Alexis is gradually gaining popularity among their peers. On microblogging girl signed by almost 19 thousand people. Zhulin admits that parents support her in all endeavors. “They do not forbid, but rather helped and will help. They are very happy for me and what I do. Parents think that I should do what I love and be happy,” Sasha admitted in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”. Alexis: “I don’t date!”

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