Татьяна Навка собрала близких подруг на грандиозном празднике Olympic champion staged an evening for his friends and family. Judging by the scale of the event, Tatiana Navka celebrated the birthday of his little daughter Nadya, who was born on August 21, 2014.

      The known sportswoman Tatiana Navka decided to spend the last Sunday of summer in the company of people close to her. Skater staged a noisy party, which invited their celebrity friends: Mila Mitvol, Elena Sever, Jasmine, Alik Smehova, Anna Semenovich, and many others. The event was held in a closed gated community. One lady never told of the reason the party was organized.

      However, judging by the video with the hashtag #birthdayparty shared in his microblog singer Elena Sever, the party was confined to the past August 21, the birthday of the youngest daughter of the grooves, Nadya. The girl was two years old. In this short video, popular artist are arranged in a “train” by playing over the song “Chunga-Changa”. From the ceiling falls on them, paper, rain, and whirl around animators dressed in costumes of fairytale characters.

      The guests were delighted to meet each other. Jasmine, which for the first time in a long time came to light, revealed in the microblog photos alikay Laughter and Anna Semenovich and shared with all the bold women gathered at a private party. In the comments to the posts of all the users intrigued review Tatiana Navka: “it is Possible to tell”. Many have associated this statement with the fact that or Jasmine, or Anna Semenovich are in an interesting position.

      Users of the social network ambiguous attitude to the outfits some of the stars. Subscribers Sobyanin criticized her beige dress with large black circles, noting that it is very fattening. Some even suspected the presenter in pregnancy. Anna paid no attention to the negative comments in his address. She just enjoyed the last weekend of August. “I don’t wanna let go of summer! But it’s just weird when we have something, we cease to appreciate. For example, people who live by the sea, rarely bathe in it or living in the mountains rarely go skiing. But we are living in all seasons of our nature, can appreciate the warmth of summer, then the beauty of the orange of autumn, the softness of the snow and spring creeks! We are happy people. Just need to be able to notice and appreciate the beauty that nature gives us,” said artist laying out a thoughtful photo from last night.

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