Tatiana Navka showed looks like without makeup

Татьяна Навка показала, как выглядит без косметики
At rest, the athlete refused to make up.

Photo: Instagram

Tatiana Navka soon have to regularly go on stage in her new ice show “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. As always, the performances on the big stage suggests a very bright and serious makeup — after all, the beauty of the main character needs to notice everyone in the audience. And the competition is Tatiana and painted since childhood! All this has a very negative impact on the skin of actors and athletes, so they often in their daily lives abandon makeup altogether.

During his visit to the Crimea Tatyana unashamedly appeared in public without a gram of cosmetics. However, the Olympic champion is not spoiled. She has long surveyed the ideal form of skin care and regularly gives your face a “rest”.

“I always very carefully washed and cleaned face. — cheerfully told the Post in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. —. But seriously, first, every week I go to the bath and are great for the skin and salt with honey. Bathing, warm honey, preferably organic, then mixed with salt and apply to the body as a scrub. This mixture will help of extra pounds to get rid of, because the honey with salt helps resuorce pores and increased sweating, and skin cleansing. Also very useful honey massage. Unlike many other cosmetic procedures that need to be repeated several weeks, and sometimes months, the result from this massage you will feel immediately. In addition, I, fortunately, have the ability to care for themselves in professional salons. I understand that such procedures are very painful to hit the budget, but I think that a woman shouldn’t save myself. While I am not against folk remedies, and not always there were so many stores with their wide range of services, as in our time. My mother often made masks at home cucumber or strawberries. And now she looks without resorting to plastic surgery. I hope I got her genes!”