Tatiana Navka shared photos from a family vacation

Татьяна Навка поделилась фотографиями с семейного отдыха Famous skater ran away from the capital city. Tatiana Navka went to a hot exotic country. The star showed fans a grown daughter and a charming sister.

      Татьяна Навка поделилась фотографиями с семейного отдыха

      While in Moscow warm weather only slowly gaining momentum, Tatiana Navka decided to escape to warmer territory. Olympic champion organized an unforgettable holiday in the family circle. Once in place, the skater was quick to share the happiness with loyal fans in his microblog.

      Tatiana has published photos taken on the beach. In the picture she poses in a swimsuit sitting on the sand. Next to her mother located her youngest daughter Nadia. The girl has grown significantly, however, the face of the baby is not clear, because it is not looking at the camera. Tatiana, on the other hand, smiled enigmatically. She’s wearing a bikini and sunglasses cornflower blue, next flip flops are the same shade. “Someone lights a candle, someone the lights, someone the stars… And someone lights the eyes of others happiness” – signed picture star.

      Unknown, was whether the company Tatiana her husband, the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov. However, near naukoi her sister Natalia. The Olympic champion made a rare shot of a close relative, which shows how similar they were. “My dear sister the rave! – signed selfie Tatiana. – Thank you to our parents that raised us to love and respect each other”.

      Татьяна Навка поделилась фотографиями с семейного отдыха

      “Tatiana, you are very nice in this hat and glasses! And what a funky color! Very nice! And the swimsuit is turquoise! Pretty woman”, “You are just great, it is very important to know that near was the man, exactly who will always be there. We also have a sister very friendly,” he supported his favorite of podpisey.

      It is worth noting that some fans found out in landscapes in photos stars famous resort of Punta Cana, which is located on the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, on the Eastern tip of the island of Haiti. Weather now in this heavenly place is ideal for a beach holiday – on land about thirty degrees and the water is warm as fresh milk.

      Interestingly, Tatyana, a beauty who is admired by her fans, continues to promote a healthy lifestyle. “Even if you consider yourself a first person, there is always the possibility they become, said Navka. – I am very pleased to have the opportunity to contribute in familiarizing people to the sport, to share their experiences and professional advice with all who are interested a healthy lifestyle”.

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