Татьяна Навка всерьез заговорила о третьем ребенке Skater dreams of having a boy. Tatiana Navka long trying to give her husband Dmitry Peskov heir. Also, the athlete recalled how he had begun the main novel her life.

Tatiana Navka does not like to be Frank about his personal life. The skater is not so often share joint photos with her husband, but happy posts Instagram posts dedicated to the daughters. In the program “the Secret to a million,” the athlete said that is not tired to admire the eldest heir Alexandra and younger – Hope. She loves children and wants to once again become a mother.

“Of course, I really want a boy. Moreover, I constantly think about it, it was time. So, Dmitry, you know what awaits you,” said the skater.

Tatiana knows how important it is to raise a child in a child leadership skills. That is why her three year old daughter Hope is not only time to do sport, but also teaches languages. At the moment the girl fluently speaks Chinese, speaks English and French. Navka loves spending time with the heiress, but it has a lot of creative and professional plans.

According to a skater, her work day ends very late. Spouse grooves Dmitry Peskov also comes home only for the night. Despite this, the lovers try to give each other full attention, and together they spend weekends and holidays.

In the program “the Secret to a million” Tatiana remembered how she developed her relationship with her future husband. According to star, a politician when we first met she did not like.

“It was clearly not love at first sight. But he’s so neat and beautifully cared… I did not agree to meet, and Dmitry very carefully went out with me, acted sensitively. And at some point I saw that it was the same man that I need” – said Navka.

According to female athletes, she is absolutely happy in marriage. The star believes the wife is not only an ideal husband but a great father. Despite being very busy, Peskov’s always time to have Breakfast with my daughter, to help the eldest heir of skill sets Alexander to make lessons and so on.

Although the conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva was very candid, Tatiana refused to open the envelope with her the main secret. According to the stars, even the media person should have their own personal secrets which should not to tell others.