Tatiana Navka revealed the secret of her fearlessness

Татьяна Навка раскрыла секрет своего бесстрашия
The skater has admitted that its reputation as a “crazy” athlete is obliged Roman Kostomarov.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Tatiana Navka is one of the few Champions who has reached heights in professional sports, not lost health. Tatiana had to undergo complicated surgeries and long rehabilitation period, as many of her colleagues. Despite the fact that all trainers skater noted for her fearlessness in difficult elements. Only recently Navka admitted that this is largely due to her partner Roman Kostomarov.

“I’m really fearless, — says Tatiana. — Since childhood. Can climb on the shoulders to two-meter Andrew Bourkovski, who barely stands on his feet, and then scream from the top: catch me! And Andrew sweat said: you’re crazy! As for health, any professional athlete has certain problems. I have, of course, not as serious as Plushenko or Yagudin, but they are. And with the spine and joints. Do yoga, special gymnastics, and it saves me — I feel fine.”

Moreover, despite the tendency of Tatiana to risk, problems with partners because of this she was not. “And they have nowhere to go — laughing skater. — They have no way out already, with me put in a couple of later experience. I think that the novel taught me this confidence. He will himself to fly, to fall, but will always stand by me, save… you Know, I first started thinking about this… I guess I am fearless because of confidence in the partner. The heap were occasions when, falling, novel did that so I’m not traumatized… Actually, he rarely fell. I was in it sure always. I think that he is in me, because I, too, rarely made any errors”.

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