Татьяна Навка отмечает годовщину бракосочетания
Olympic champion remembered the brightest moments of the wedding.

Tatiana Navka

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

Today Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov are celebrating the day of the wedding: they got married exactly
a year ago. In honor of this event the skater has published
touching the with a solemn ceremony of marriage, last year
ago in Sochi.

Wedding of Tatiana and Dmitry became one of the main secular events of the past year. The preparation for the celebration took about six months, and the feast lasted
two days. August 1 the ceremony was attended by over a hundred VIP guests,
rented the best hotel on the black sea coast (closed at this time for the rest of the audience). Official reception the first day was replaced by a second, which
coinciding with the celebration of Day of airborne troops. The couple on this occasion has a theme night on the shores of the Black sea with a special dress code: vests and berets.

In an exclusive interview to magazine “7 days” Tatiana told the story of their acquaintance with
chosen. It happened at the birthday party of a mutual friend in 2010. “I was introduced to: “Tatiana Navka!”, —
says the skater, and he replied: “Very nice, somewhere I heard your
name, but your face seems familiar. And after a few seconds said, “You’re
the same girl who advertises hair dye?” Indeed, then
the TV was advertising with my participation. Funny happened. At this time
The first was the show “Ice age”, but Dmitry remembered me as the girl from

It turned out that Dmitry Peskov did not know almost anything about life
Tatiana, nor even about her Olympic achievements. “We were not that different from
worlds — from different universes! — said the athlete. — Imagine: different
lifestyles, different interests, circle of friends, clothing style… it happens when
people with non-intersecting orbits of life meet by chance.
It turns out that they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It happened
with us. An unexplainable force of attraction. Banal
the phrase “without you I cannot live” has become an absolute reality”

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