Tatiana Navka joined the star family

Татьяна Навка объединила звездные семьи A solemn event in honor of the launch of the school of talents took place in the shopping center “Vegas”. Many Russian celebrities have come together with their sons and daughters to see what areas will be taught to young talents in school “I”.

      Yesterday in the shopping center “Vegas” took place the solemn opening of the school of talents “I”. The idea to create a center where children can develop their abilities in various fields, belonged to Tatiana Navka. The Olympic champion appeared on the show together with her husband Dmitry Peskov. The athlete, from which grow two daughters, knows firsthand that early age must ensure that the child will like the most and perfectly it turns out.

      The event first came on the scene, the heir of Philip Kirkorov, a four year old Martin. The boy performed the break dance with adult dancers. His star father shared their emotions on social networks.

      “The first time I went on stage with my father, Bedros when I was 5 years old. My 4 year old son Martin made his stage debut with the dance. And in the hall supported him is a grandfather Bedros. Some things in our family never change,” wrote Philip.

      Video posted by Philip (@fkirkorov) Oct 6 2016 3:31 PDT

      At the school opening ceremony the audience was pleased with the performance of Russian pop stars. On the stage stood Nargiz Zakirova, who performed their best songs. On this day, the singer still had a birthday, so the guests were very warmly welcomed the singer. From the audience it was supported by producer Maxim Fadeev.

      To learn about the workshops and the teachers of the center came Katya LEL and her daughter, Tanya Tereshina and Glory Nikitin with their heiress ARIS and many others. Anna Semenovich, Sergey Kozhevnikov, Jasmine and Svetlana Lustina were satisfied with the festival.

      Video published Anastasie (@ana.stasie) Oct 6 2016 2:04 PDT

      Leading the evening was Anton Zorkin, he entertained the audience with his sparkling humor. The young man was happy to be photographed during the evening with Dmitry Peskov. Zorkin also made the team of the school of talents. “From the stage announced, sort of like a joke that would be happy to cling to the teaching staff with the training course telemasters for children. So in five families have already signed up for my class, so the desire now not to come true instantly, and immediately! Believe in yourself and speak boldly about what you wish to achieve! Let them know about it all. In the end, I will be teaching at the school.”