Tatiana Navka is preparing for an important event in his life

Татьяна Навка готовится к важному событию в своей жизни
Famous figure skater starred in the video along with her daughter.

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Sasha on the set of the clip

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Tatiana Navka is now actively engaged in rehearsals of the ice musical “Ruslan and Lyudmila” which will show young and adult audience before the New year and Christmas holidays. But the atmosphere of the New year Olympic champion is immersed — thanks to the filming of the video for the soundtrack to the musical (in the video she got the role of an enchantress that opens to children the wondrous, fantastical world).

“When did this music, we decided that she should sing children, — Tatyana told. — We wrote to the melody of speech and invited students from my art school “I”. They were delighted, having seen on the set of decorated Christmas trees, lanterns, and toys…” Tatiana took part in the video along with his elder daughter Alexandra: “I was asked to play Sasha the party, and she immediately agreed.”

The shooting took place in the loft “Dolce” under the leadership of the founder of the production center of the school of talents “I” Svetlana Lustina and its Director, Christina Kuznetsova. In the shootings involved students of different ages. But all the kids worked very professionally the camera shift.

Director of the clip became Sergey gray, who is known for his work with Olga Buzova, Katya LEL, Alexander Revva. And in this project he created on the screen a magical world full of fantastic heroes and miracles.