Татьяна Навка празднует пополнение в семье The athlete has shared important news in social networks. As it turned out, Tatiana Navka became an aunt. Apparently, the younger sister of the famous figure skater Natalia gave birth to a child. Happy young woman receiving congratulations from friends and relatives.
Татьяна Навка празднует пополнение в семье

43-year-old Olympic champion Tatiana Navka news. The athlete and her family celebrate the completion of the family. Apparently, the younger sister of star Natalie gave birth to a child. Tatyana loves spending time with a charming baby and a three year old Nadia helps her. The celebrity has shared a touching photograph of a girl Babysitting a cousin or brother or sister.

Татьяна Навка празднует пополнение в семье“And we have great joy, we have a new baby. I was aunt”, shared Tatiana in the microblog.

Many fans of the grooves filled her congratulations on social networks. They wanted a newborn baby to grow up healthy and happy. According to fans of Tatiana, she will be a wonderful aunt, and Nadia will take mom’s example. “Hurrah!” “Sounds great”, “Who is there? Skater or a figure skater?”, “And nurse is”, “what a Joy”, commented subscribers microblog celebrities.

Natalia Navka – a private person. Throughout the waiting period, the child the young woman chose not to publish the photos, which would be a noticeable change in her figure. It is known that in 2012 the relative sports stars married. About the joyous event in the life of Natalya said Tatiana. She posted a picture of her in a bridesmaid dress. A few years later it was the turn of Natalia to congratulate sister with a change in family status. Then the skater got married to press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

Tatiana and Natalia are very friendly with each other. Not only do they keep each other company on the weekend, but appear together at social events and go on trips. Like Tatiana, Natalia loves to sunbathe in the Maldives. When in April the athlete has a birthday party, my sister left her touching wishes in microblogging.

Татьяна Навка празднует пополнение в семье“My child, happy birthday! I wish you happiness, you are the best sister in the world. I love you very very much!” – wrote a relative celebrity in social networks.

Natalia Navka support his sister and her family in all endeavors. So, sister Tatiana attended a children’s fashion brand Valentin Yudashkin. Natalia loudly applauded when on the podium went out the charming Nadia. Stylists clocked up girl curls and chose for her gown red. Natalia compared Nadia, Dolly.