Татьяна Навка: «В семейной жизни у меня все под контролем»
The athlete shared the secrets of happiness..

Tatiana Navka with her daughter

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Tatiana Navka sure way of any person who achieved something in life, there is smooth and even.
“And on my way except for the victories and successes have been tears, frustration, hard work,
which began for me in early childhood”.

Now, the athlete continues to work a lot, but the most important thing in her life now is family. “Actually, I’m happy
that my children have such a big age difference — 14 years, ” said Navka. — I
fully experienced all the stages of growing up the eldest daughter (five and Gulenay now 16 years old. — Approx. ed). Now live
this is Junior, Nadia. When
Sasha was at that age in what is now Nadia, I was just preparing for
The Olympic games. This means that all the time, all the efforts I gave to the sport.
Trained and also worked as trainer, for a couple of hours a day to
earn a nanny for Sasha… Nadia I already brought up differently, because I now have more experience, knowledge, and capabilities.”

No matter how busy a woman at work, she must pay the maximum attention to his family — sure Navka. This is the secret of family happiness. “It seems to me that if the person is important to the family, he in any situation
will find time for their loved ones. I am constantly with kids. In Sochi, where I work
all summer, I with the younger daughter. Of course, with her husband (August 1, 2015 Tatiana married
Dmitry Peskov. — Approx. ed
.). seldom met, but we understood
it is temporarily for some period. So I have everything under control,” laughs Tatiana.

Whatever happens, the Pastor tries to follow the motto — live in the here and now. “I try to appreciate
that gives the fate. My parents are alive and healthy, I have a wonderful family,
my daughter, whom I love and proud of. Senior Sasha rose lovely
man, she is a true friend, never betray, it is possible to rely on.
She I’m sure will be a wonderful wife! (Laughs.) And plus, I
have a job that I love, a profession which I studied life.”

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