Татьяна Навка перестала скрывать лицо младшей дочери
Olympic champion shared a new photo of 2-year-old Nadia.

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Nadia

Photo: (@tatiana_navka) instagram Tatiana Navka

Like many famous people,wary of prying eyes, Tatiana Navka long concealed
the face of the youngest daughter from the fans. First, the skater has published in his blog photo which is only visible to the back of the head girls, and then gradually
began to appear pictures, which Nadia is in profile. Fans wondered, who looks like a girl, what color is she
eyes. But when the Post published a photo of my daughter taken at the mini zoo
Sochi, it became easy to see the face of Nadya and realize that the girl is very like my mother. “The incredible adventures happened today with us — signed the Olympic champion. We visited the Dolphinarium and the zoo. So much
of course, I’ve never seen your child”.

By the way, recently Tatiana Navka shared with your
subscribers advice on how to grow a child into a champion. “I am often asked
question: “How do you know whether the child is the champion? Whether to give it to the sport
and spend the time and effort?”. So: “Parents one day me not
forced. My eyes were burning, and had a great desire to become champion.
The task of parents — to hear the child’s desire to see his talent in every way
help him! Of course, there are challenging moments, but the parents for that and have
in order to lend a helping hand. Yes, it so happens that with good intentions,
abilities and talents that don’t add up, but the sport is still the best
a springboard for future life, for the formation of such personal qualities as
hard work, dedication, honesty, honesty to yourself and
others, sport strengthens will power and of course health!” My advice — do not
thinking, give children in sport!” — said Tatiana.

Recall, the eldest daughter of the grooves — Alexander former
a professional athlete, with five years, engaged in a great tennis, won
in big tournaments. Unfortunately, a serious back injury forced her to leave
career, and in 2015 it around the clock immersed in the music

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