Tatiana Navka give the younger daughter in your school

Татьяна Навка отдаст младшую дочь в свою школу Little Nadia shows talent in the centre of his famous mother. According to Tatiana Navka, she created the school in order to allow children as early as possible to find themselves and discover their talents.

      Recently in Moscow CROCUS-CITY HALL VEGAS, the presentation school talents “I”, one of the founders of which was the Olympic champion Tatyana Navka. In the institution children and Teens can learn acting, singing, dance, play musical instruments and, of course, figure skating.

      “I myself will conduct master classes, – has shared with “StarHit” Tatiana Navka. – Be sure to bring to class and younger daughter Nadia, when she grows up. Think, about year three. The idea to open the school belongs to us with my girlfriend – businesswoman Svetlana Lustina. As moms we understand how important it is to find the child of his own “I”. Let’s see how many people grows up, never having realized himself. Very very lucky that the parents see in me, a little, appetite and love to dance. It has become my life’s work, so that there is – life itself!”

      The establishment of the centre, the skater approached with all responsibility – she personally followed the creation of the necessary environment, selection of faculty and development of certain areas. By the way, perhaps, in school skill sets will learn of the star’s heirs. At least, at the presentation of the children’s center the kids were very interested in everything going on, and little Martin Kirkorov and even danced lower break-dancing.

      “The first time I went on stage with my father, Bedros when I was 5 years old. My 4 year old son Martin made his stage debut with the dance. And in the hall supported him is a grandfather Bedros. Some things in our family never change,” wrote Philip in his microblog after visiting the opening ceremony of the school “I”.

      Video posted by Philip (@fkirkorov) Oct 6 2016 3:31 PDT

      Tatiana Navka hoped to find yourself and unleash your potential in the centre of thousands of children among them, and be her daughter.