Tatiana Navka gave advice on parenting

Татьяна Навка дала совет по воспитанию детей Olympic champion believes that parents should listen carefully to the wishes of the child. According to figure skaters, all children need to be given for sports to develop in him the dedication and hard work.

      Татьяна Навка дала совет по воспитанию детей

      Tatiana Navka won the gold medal at the Olympic games in Turin ten years ago. The skater knows from experience that the victory is hard. Navka believes that the education of the child parents should look to their talents, to understand in what area he will then be successful.

      The Olympic champion wrote in his microblog post, which advises, from the child to make a true champion. The sports star remembered her that nobody forced the child to go to the rink.

      “The parents of a single day didn’t make me. My eyes burned, and had a great desire to become a champion. The task of parents – to hear the desire of the child to see his talents and tried to help him! Of course, there are challenging moments, but parents here in time to lend a helping hand,” said Tatiana.

      Many parents prefer to send their children to clubs in painting or in music school, however, in the opinion of the grooves, the sport is essential for any child.

      “Sports is still the best springboard for future life, for the formation of such personal qualities as diligence, commitment, integrity, honesty to oneself and others. Sport strengthens will power and, of course, health!”, – said the skater in his Instagram.

      Tatiana Navka has two daughters, Alexandra from his first marriage and Hope, born in 2014 from Dmitry Peskov. The eldest daughter was for some time engaged in professional tennis, but then chose a musical career. The young singer’s name was Alex, so its success is not connected with the influence of parents. The other day, the single star “breathe Me”. This composition was written by a girl together with Sergey Revivim and the poet Arseny Ardeleanu. The girl believes that the new name will help her avoid a connection with her star family.

      The youngest daughter of Tatiana and Dmitry is an inquisitive and talented. According to the famous mother, the baby is interested in everything connected with the technique: long may she learn excavator which you see on the street, and cars. However, when the girl was a year, parents have begun to teach her to swim. Under the supervision of older sister, Nadia did her first swim in the pool.

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