Татьяна Навка устроила девичник у моря Skater in Sochi combines leisure and work. Tatiana recently visited her friend Julia. Women had a great time together, lots of sunbathing and indulging yourself in delicious. “It is with great pleasure tried the bacon, which had brought her friend.

      41-year-old athlete Tatiana Navka continues to rest and work in Sochi, where she plays a major role in the ice musical “Carmen” Ilya Averbuch. Recently a celebrity came to visit her friend Julia. Women had a wonderful time sunbathing on the beach, swimming and having fun. In his “Instagram” and shared several photos with a friend. The women posing on the beach sunbeds and the sea in the background. They look very satisfied and happy. Still, after all not every day it turns out to have a good rest, especially given the busy schedule of Tatiana, which stands on the ice in the image of Carmen from the beginning of the summer.

      Friend Tatyana also brought delicacies to pamper yourself and friend with something tasty. Julia regaled the post bacon for Breakfast, which caused a mixed reaction from fans of a skater. Someone thought that such food is not very suitable for Breakfast as too fat. “What a mess. Morning better porridge, cheesecakes coffee,” “Careful with that!”, “How can you drink a fat coffee?”, “Something new in power…” — they wrote. At the same time, other subscribers Tatiana supported her and said that the best food is simply not to find, especially if you eat this product cucumbers. “Down with the exotic”, “Fat — is everything, and it boosts the immune system”, “Why not indulge occasionally, it’s delicious”, “Fat is a hormone of joy, take a bite, and immediately becomes happier life” — shared his opinion.

      Fans of figure skaters found that she is in amazing shape. In addition, some of them thought that the athlete and her friend Julia like each other as two drops of water. Someone decided that a woman who visited celebrity — her sister, apparently forgetting that the real sister of Tatiana name is Natalia. By the way, in April this year, the athlete has arranged a family vacation at a luxury resort in the Dominican Republic. “My lovely sister party! Thank you to our parents that raised us with love and respect for each other,” wrote Tatiana in the microblog.

      Tatiana Navka has shared photos from a family vacation

      Recall that the premiere of the show. “Carmen” took place on 13 June this year. It was sold out. In the production was attended by stars of figure skating. In addition to the grooves, the stage also came Roman Kostomarov, Alexei Yagudin, Alexei Tikhonov, Maria Petrova, Albena Denkova and many others. For the sake of participation in the project Tatyana had to leave the house of her husband and eldest daughter. The youngest heir to the celebrity decided to take.

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