Tatiana Navka fell from gyrometer

Татьяна Навка упала с гироскутера

Skater Tatiana Navka developing new vehicles. The Olympic champion decided to follow the fashion trends and stand on gyrometer (electric vehicle made in the form of cross bar with two wheels on the sides).

Apparently, the device Tatiana was satisfied, if not for one small nuisance. Performing pirouettes, one by one, Navka lost his balance and fell from gyrometer directly on the concrete tile. Fortunately, fall is not entailed in some kind of trouble, such as broken limbs or wounds.

“When you’re a professional, not at all. Overestimated their capabilities“, – said the skater.

His little mishap Navka shared with fans, and they in turn felt sorry for the favorite, noting that she even manages to fall gracefully and beautifully.


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