Татьяна Навка зарабатывает в 14 раз больше супруга Skater income for the year amounted to 200 million rubles. On the website of the Kremlin published an official list of amounts received by officials and their relatives over the past 12 months.

Today on the website of the Kremlin published an official list of details about assets, income and expenditure of the head of state, employees of the presidential Administration and members of their families. Special attention of journalists was attracted by the family press Secretary head of state Dmitry Peskov. It turned out that the income of his wife Tatiana Navka is more than 200 million rubles a year.

The famous figure skater has succeeded in 2017, the year, presenting the author’s musical “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. Navka owns several apartments, one of which is located in the United States. Also, the Olympic champion has five vehicles.

It is noteworthy that Dmitry Peskov income for the year amounted to a total of 14 342 661 ruble. In movable property press-the Secretary the number of foreign cars and the vehicle. He has several housing sites in Russia, whose total area is estimated at of 279.5 square meters.

Tatiana Navka is the face of many fashion brands, so part of the money it brings advertising contracts. Star carefully watching their appearance. “Every woman should be respected. What would life had happened, her need to find time and opportunities to care for themselves. Because if you don’t like yourself, you definitely won’t like and others. Coco Chanel said: “there are No ugly women, there are women who don’t know they’re beautiful.” With age I rephrase this thought and believe that no ugly women, there are lazy women,” says celebrity.

Tatiana never advertise your wages, but can afford to present her husband an expensive watch or other gifts, which many can only dream of. Spouses are able to preserve harmony in the marriage, despite the fact that each of them has a lot of work.

“My wife’s schedule is exactly the same as I have, especially now that she was involved in staging your own show, performance of “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. And I have a business trip, and her traveling. When I come home from work, she went to work, because in Moscow not so easy to find ice. It’s hard, missing each other. But on the other hand, so many people live, almost all, now everything is a lot of work,” said Dmitry Peskov in the “actors”.

Dmitry Peskov about family life, parenting and the gifts Tatiana Navka

By the way, the income of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has significantly increased over the year. The total sum amounted to 18,728 million rubles, however, the new property, the head of state is not acquired. Earnings Dmitry Medvedev has not changed. The Prime Minister has received over the past year about 8 million rubles.