Tatiana Navka dreams about adding to the family

Татьяна Навка мечтает о пополнении в семье The skater became the guest of the program “international Pilorama” with Tigran keosayanom. The woman shared that would not mind if their family has a new baby. She believes that for good reason and nothing can prevent the implementation of this small dream.

      Татьяна Навка мечтает о пополнении в семье

      In the broadcast of Tatiana Navka told the facilitator that they have with her husband Dmitry Peskov six children from different marriages. Their common daughter is the Hope for a year and half. My husband the star has three sons from his first and second marriages Nicholas, Mick, Danny, and daughter Lisa. Tatyana educates 16-year-old Alexander, who at such a young age has already managed to prove himself.

      Tatiana Navka: “the Husband indulges daughter, and I discipline”

      Speaking of offspring, Tatyana has told, that dreams about another baby. According to her, she and her husband try as often as possible to meet with all the children and enjoy spending time with them. Navka admitted that they have this wonderful ability to combine everything. That’s why she doesn’t mind to be a mother again.

      “We see each other, we really have fun. But my favorite number is seven. So how would God like the Trinity, but seven is a lovely number. Husband is not yet aware of, but everything is in his hands,” – said a celebrity in the program.

      Tatiana Navka also said that for her the biggest dope in life is a loving husband and children. She stated that she feels great happiness when she comes back from work, and on the doorstep she meets the heir to Nadia. When the whole family is together, it has, in the words of the grooves, for comfort and warmth. At home, as told by skater, she tries to do all things, including care for her husband. She tries to ask him many questions because he understands how tired at work.

      Continuing the theme of children, Tatiana facilitator confirmed that from the earliest years, she worked tirelessly. Parents tried to educate her in line, observing strict discipline. And she was grateful to them for that, because if they hadn’t put her in figure skating, the Olympic life of Chepinci could go in a completely different way. So the Pastor believes that children need to put childhood and try to give them everything you can. Only then will they be able to confidently build our future.

      “I believe that parents who regret their children, do not have to do it. In this age of seven, nine, ten, a child is like a sponge, soaks up the hard work, perseverance, knowledge, discipline, and generally the base, the Foundation on which to build his whole life. Therefore, to spare the children it is impossible”, – said the skater.