Татьяна Навка тренеру Загитовой и Медведевой: «Жди Надю!»
Olympic champion doesn’t think, who is going to teach her youngest daughter figure skating.

Tatiana Navka’s daughter c

Tatiana Navka decided who will be the coach of her youngest daughter Nadya,
if the girl will continue to skating. Of course, Eteri
Tutberidze, whose young vospitannitsy — Zagitova Alina and Evgenia Medvedeva won in the Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang gold and silver medal in
singles figure skating.

“How could you even consider that
to deprive fans from around the world of the emotions that we all received from
amazing, on the verge of magic performances of our brilliant, these young, but
already such strong Champions of Sagitova Alina and Evgenia Medvedeva, —
emotionally expressed in a personal microblogging Olympic champion. — Our dear
girls, thank you for this victory! And of course, Eteri! A great coach who gave
our happiness and pride! Sure it’s only the beginning! Wait For Nadia”.

Tatiana trains her baby, which is only four years alone. Recently, the professional skater revealed the secret of education
young skaters. The athlete told how best to overcome the fear
young athletes, if they are afraid of ice. The skater has published in the personal
microblog a short video where young Peskov riding on the flat on the roller

“I have many people ask where to start to
be afraid of the ice? — says Tatiana. — From personal experience I can say,
what videos helped me to confidently go on the ice and rolling at once, without
any fear”. By the way, on the ice Nadia
comes with two years. For the first time it happened in 2016, at the rehearsal one
edition of the show “Ice age”, when Tatyana
were paired with actor Andrew Borkowski.
However, then the Pastor said that in two years and two months the kids on the ice
to leave early and urged not to look to them.