Tatiana Navka boasted successes of his younger daughter

Татьяна Навка похвасталась успехами младшей дочери
Some time ago, the younger successor of the popular figure skater Tatiana Navka 3-year-old Nadia began to engage in a sports club.

Татьяна Навка похвасталась успехами младшей дочери

Tatiana due to my busy work schedule can not always accompany her daughter to exercise. But still from time to time skater watching trains Nadia.

Татьяна Навка похвасталась успехами младшей дочери

“Because of the tight schedule I do not get it as often as you wish, – says Tatiana. – So basically Nadia is accompanied by a nurse. And dad is watching the result – the daughter of the house demonstrates progress. Frankly, we don’t think about how to raise Olympic champion. Our goal is that Nadia was harmonious and happy, found myself. So from an early age directed and comprehensively developing. She in addition sports music, drawing, modeling, reading, languages. Daughter says: “When I become an adult, will be performing on stage.” But don’t specify what”.

Tatiana is very proud of his daughter and often shares with followers her progress.

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