Tatiana Navka boasted a sports mom

Татьяна Навка похвасталась спортивной мамой Celebrity does yoga together with the beloved parent. As it turned out, Raisa Navka able to stand on his hands. Photo of a woman performing one of the most popular asanas, blew up the Network. Fans skater amazed at the abilities of her loved one.

      Mom Tatiana Navka Raisa support the daughter, including yoga classes. Recently, the famous athlete shared a photograph in which her mother shows her excellent physical shape, performing a handstand. Note that this is one of the most useful poses, which is also called the “Queen of asanas”. It is believed that it helps to rejuvenate the body.

      Tatiana Navka: “the Husband indulges daughter, and I discipline”

      “With mom doing yoga. Here is what I have, admire her! As the saying goes: “an Apple from the Apple does not fall far!” – shared Tatiana in his microblog, accompanied by post with the hashtag “genes finger crush”.

      Fans of the figure skater found out that her mom looks amazing. They wrote her a lot of compliments. “Super”, “Your mom is great, keeps himself in shape”, “we Will be on you,” “Admire women”, “Class”, – commented the users of social networks.

      Earlier Tatyana Navka admitted to journalists that yoga helped her to come into perfect shape after giving birth. The woman also said that many of the required genes. In his “Instagrame” Tatiana quite often shares photos of her performing various asanas. Even while on vacation abroad, the Post continues to devote time to exercise. “We stop training not because get older, we get old because you stop exercising! I wish to be young forever, body and soul” – shared sports star on social networks.

      By the way, your little heiress Hope the woman also tries to teach the sport almost from the cradle. Not long ago, a beautiful girl visited the Hippodrome, located in the suburbs. Hope straddled the white pony not without the help of mom. Judging by the contented smile of a baby, she will return to her new friends.

      Earlier Tatyana Navka laid out and other funny pictures youngest daughter, which delighted the fans women. One of those charming child images demonstrated a handstand. “Sport since childhood, I respect the champion be a dream! And nobody ever taught” – shared skater in social networks. Fans of athletes was amazed at the abilities of her successor.