Tatiana Navka became a producer of his daughter

Татьяна Навка стала продюсером своей дочери
Skater decided to produce a video for the song for Sasha Galinou written by Maxim Fadeev.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Tatiana Navka very responsible attitude to the passion of his eldest daughter, Sasha joineu the vocals. The skater believes that Sasha has all the data for his career and they need to be developed.

“I’m ready to support her in this hobby any way that I can, — says Tatiana. — A few days we’re going to make a video for a new song, which was written for her by Max Fadeev. We met him at an event and when he learned that Sasha sings, decided to give her some advice. They talked. Max came up to me afterwards and said, “Sasha, I liked it, very sincere, honest, wise, these little girls now and I want to write a song for her”. And recently it happened. Max wrote the music and asked Sasha that she thought over the verses. Me it’s even more inspired: what it is, in fact, wise producer, so unobtrusive involves Sasha in the process of creating songs. She wrote words, and now we are preparing for the filming of the video. I take part in it. You can say that I’m the producer of his daughter. And who else? I put money and power, and love.”