Tatiana Navka and Ksenia Sobchak walked on the anniversary of Mikhail Kusnirovich

Татьяна Навка и Ксения Собчак погуляли на юбилее Михаила Куснировича The owner of the Gum celebrated the fiftieth anniversary. The celebration was held at the Central Park of culture and rest named after Gorky. To congratulate Michael came Tatiana Navka, Ksenia Sobchak, Svetlana Zhurova and many others.

      Yesterday the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bosco di Ciliegi group Mikhail Kusnirovich said with a sweep of its fiftieth anniversary. Friends and acquaintances of the businessman came to Gorky Park to congratulate birthday happy birthday. Many Russian celebrities have long loved the clothes produces brand Kusnirovich, as it is characterized by excellent quality and attracts customers with its original design.

      Guests enjoyed a table Laden with snacks and pastries. Presenter Julia BORDOVSKIKH was transferred to microblogging atmosphere that reigned at the feast of the Kusnirovich. The birthday boy himself appeared at the event in good spirits and asked a cheerful mood to all guests with their sparkling jokes. Meanwhile, those present at the celebration were photographed with cardboard decorations that were installed throughout the Park.

      Ksenia Sobchak, who attended the party loved the booth, on which was written “Maternity hospital №6”. Pregnant TV presenter posted the picture on his background in his Instagram. “Still my favorite birthday boy Mikhail Kusnirovich built such scenery of your holiday that it would be a sin not to be photographed”, – signed photo Sobchak. Fans of the stars began to joke that Ksenia had already chosen the place where is born her first child. Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak every day standing on his head

      Olympic champion Tatiana Navka also missed the anniversary of Kusnirovich. Skater, recently arrived from Sochi, was photographed with Michael and left in his microblog sincere wishes businessman. “You’re a great planet of happiness, love, kindness, childhood, and joy! I’m happy to have you in my life!”, – signed frame Tatiana.

      Another athlete, Svetlana Zhurova, thanked the boy for what he did for Olympic Champions, as well as remembered history, when ten years ago Kusnirovich gave her a surprise.

      “There is a man-a magician, who ten years ago I created a real celebration that day, when I won my gold medal in Italy. I will never forget. In honor of my victory was a salute, and sang the group “Uma Thurman”. I couldn’t even imagine, but it was possible. As possible in its events you can meet great people: Directors, actors such as Nikita Mikhalkov, tobacco, Volchek, Zbruev, Churikova, Chulpan, Dapkunaite. And gone Jankowski. We could and can easily sit with them and talk. This wonderful man has a lot of friends, and when he calls us, we come. Because we know that we are always waiting for something unusual, enchanting, and lots of surprises. This good magician, who fulfills our dreams, turned 50 years old. I wish him all the best in all areas”, – said Zhurova in the caption to the photo owner “Gum”.

      Journalist Nikolay Uskov, recently attended the wedding of IDA Lolo and Vladimir Kekhman, arrived at the fiftieth anniversary of Kusnirovich from St. Petersburg. In his microblog a man shared a photo of the birthday boy, where he eats birthday cake.