Татьяна Лютаева пытается спасти бывшую жену Михаила Ефремова Kseniya Kachalina appeared on the air at Andrey Malakhov. The ex-wife of Michael Yefremov denies the rumors that abusing alcoholic beverages. However, many experts transfer and longtime friends of Xenia are sure she needs help.
Татьяна Лютаева пытается спасти бывшую жену Михаила Ефремова

47-year-old Kseniya Kachalina, ex-wife of Michael Efremova and the mother of his daughter Anne-Marie, lives separately from the heiress. The actress, who calls herself a recluse, for more than ten years starred in the movie. Once Xenia called “character generation” after starring in the film Rubinchik “Dislike” scenario Litvinova, and now her apartment is in the heart of Moscow is in terrible condition. Rumor has it that the artist is a heavy dependence, not giving her a chance to leave their world and return to work. Kachalina shared his story in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

Ex-wife of Michael Ephraim is mired in poverty

“I can call myself a recluse. In the city center love to shoot a cigarette or hanging out in cafes. With cats, books or one. Intelligent person is never bored alone. Moscow was such a gloomy city, and now more reminiscent of Paris. I have these temporary lapses, I need to look at the dates. The red square from my house to go 10 minutes. I live wonderful and very quiet,” said the actress.
Татьяна Лютаева пытается спасти бывшую жену Михаила Ефремова

Presenter Andrey Malakhov asked Xenia about whether she is in contact with the daughter. “No, well, periodically I somehow see. Sometimes it shows her on the phone. We sometimes meet up and… Oh, what do we feel?” – said the actress evasively. On the question of what money it exists, Kachalina said she help. Present in the Studio also wished to know whether Anna-Maria to chat with mom. “It is necessary to ask it,” – said Xenia.

Mom is ex-wife Efremova Natalia Anokhin has told that her daughter was up to thirty years did not consume alcohol. An elderly woman added that she has no details of the life of an heiress. “Granddaughter is the 18th year went. Computer, phone, it is not up to anyone or to anything. If Mike could have it on, then Mary will have to go somewhere,” said Anokhina. According to Natalia, Xenia needed to change his life.

“She’s 47 years old, and I – 70. I’m not her authority. Can somebody else talk to her? Tell her that I love her, and be loved to love. Unable to communicate what she needed to pull myself together, to heal? Of course, I would be very happy,” shared the mother of the ex-wife of Michael Efremova with correspondents to record.
Татьяна Лютаева пытается спасти бывшую жену Михаила Ефремова

Tatiana lutaeva, who played with Catalinas in the movie, could not remain indifferent to the situation, which turned out to be her colleague on the shop floor. The actress recorded a video message to Xenia.

“I often think of our trips to Leningrad, during filming, our conversation with you. You were the kind of emerald with a twist. I was sure that you got a bright future, and you can do this. When I saw the video that was shown, we decided to connect. I beg you, trust us. I will personally guide you. Trust me, we are helped very much. I’ve been doing this for about 15 years, I am a Trustee of the National anti-drug Alliance,” said lutaeva.
Татьяна Лютаева пытается спасти бывшую жену Михаила Ефремова

At the end of the transmission appeared Nikita Lushnikov. The Chairman of the National anti-drug Union confirmed that the star was very worried about Xenia and waiting for her.

“Tatiana lutaeva very asked me to come to the Studio. Don’t know how close you are, but she said many warm words. She so badly wants to help you, wrote appeal to you to me on the phone and asked me to tell you that if you accept help, the next live may not be. She said she will provide all all” – said Lushnikov.

Kachalina at first refused to accept the offer of an old friend. However, it was present in the Studio and the presenter Andrei Malakhov managed to convince the actress to start working on yourself.

Татьяна Лютаева пытается спасти бывшую жену Михаила Ефремова