Tatiana lutaeva told about plastic surgery

Татьяна Лютаева рассказала о пластических операциях
The actress went through a series of treatments at the beauty clinic.

In our traditional section about the secrets of beauty star of the legendary film “midshipmen”
told, how to cope with the extra weight, why often hides his eyes under
dark glasses, why do you reject the fruit, and that has replaced her plastic

Татьяна Лютаева рассказала о пластических операциях

Tatiana Lutaeva

Photo: Philip Goncharov

— Tatiana, believe that you 52
years, is simply impossible!

Thank you. I think that a person looks as much as yourself
feels. A happy woman remains young and beautiful. For this
no need to delude ourselves and endure the discomfort associated with personal life. If
the woman lives with the unloved man, afraid of loneliness and looking with fear in
the future, she is nervous, worried and looks hopelessly tired. And if
and from the opinions of others depends… My advice: never listen to the grandmothers at
the entrance, which can criticize you for what you are, for example,
Dating a man younger than herself!

— Nevertheless, even happy
people can be, for example, problems with excess weight. What should I do?

— Eat less and not to eat foods that lead to obesity. Go
sometimes the tunnel to the metro — left and right flavors baking: delicious, enticing…
But you need to understand that it was the smell of the flavors that have nothing to do with
the smell of real food. I was convinced that when a person eats normal food, he
even smells different. Change the color of his skin, and the quality of hair and nails. But if
there are no fried foods, grilled, steamed or baked in
the oven, the weight itself will begin to leave. The main thing — do not use any sauces,
especially spicy and salty — such as mayonnaise and ketchup. A pleasant exception to the
this rule is adjika. It is possible, even necessary. The fact that the hot sauce helps
to burn fats. But here we need of course to consult with your doctor if
for example, there are problems with digestion of spicy foods.

It’s so nice to start the morning with a Cup of coffee
and croissant. It is a pity that it was not good… Than you eat Breakfast?

— I am not having Breakfast, unfortunately. I wish I dinner loved
(Laughs). However, I already have an established morning ritual.
Waking up, I drink two cups of warm water with lemon. It starts
gastro-intestinal tract. Then pour on a saucer, pumpkin oil, squeeze
a few drops of lemon and a little sea salt. Dip the crust back in black
bread. Insanely delicious! Be sure to eat two Brazil nuts — slowly
thoroughly chewing. This is the best natural Dubai: cleaned and
restores the liver. Then you can eat a slice of salted salmon with
unleavened bread, tomatoes or cottage cheese, or yogurt. By the way, for those who want
to lose weight, I highly recommend eggs for Breakfast: it’s hard to believe, but that
they, of course, without butter and bread, fats. You can add vegetables. But
in no case can not eat the bread or sausage. Personally, I love a poached egg. It
when raw, shelled, for 2-3 minutes dipped the spoon in the boiling water.
Like to eat for Breakfast and cereal, oatmeal, for example.

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  • Татьяна Лютаева рассказала о пластических операциях
    Tatiana Lutaeva

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Татьяна Лютаева рассказала о пластических операциях

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Татьяна Лютаева рассказала о пластических операциях

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