Татьяна Лютаева поддержала паралимпийцев снимком на костылях
Actress upset fans of the sad news.

Tatiana Lutaeva

Photo: @tanialyutaeva Instagram Tatiana Lutaeva

Tatiana lutaeva joined the stars of Russian show business, who actively support excluded from participation in the Paralympics athletes. The actress published a picture, which supplied the caption: “with All your heart with our Paralympians!”

Incidentally, on the published photographs lutaeva appeared before the fans on crutches. As it turned out, the actress seriously injured his leg and talked about it later. Members wished the injured Tatiana a speedy recovery. By the way, now the actress is with his daughter Agnia Ditkovskite in their native Odessa.

By the way, words of support to the Paralympic athletes shared Natalia Vodianova who called to support suspended athletes. “I would like to encourage you to share words of support for Paralympic team of Russia, — said Natalia. — It’s hard not to be impulsive in connection with the suspension of the Russian Team from participation in the Paralympic games. I am not going to condemn the decision of the International Paralympic Committee, but let me say that the suspension from the games one of the countries will leave an imprint on the Paralympic movement as a whole. Para – athletes around the world discouraged by what is happening, worrying about his friends from Russia. Paralympians are people, inspiring us to never give up and not go on about the circumstances. I’m sure that our Russian athletes will once again show us an example of dignity and fortitude. I ask all of you to join the campaign and share the words of support, love, and faith in the power and triumph of our heroes. Whatever is going around, they are heroes and continue to inspire us, their possibilities are limitless!”

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