Татьяна Лютаева пострадала из-за урагана в Москве
The element of the defeated land of the house of the actress and pulled out five trees.

Tatiana Lutaeva

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Did not have time Tatiana lutaeva move into your new home and
happy forest area, where pines, firs and birches, and then it struck element, rattled yesterday over Moscow and the Moscow region. Because of the hurricane several trees were felled, most beautiful fir
had to and did cut. One of the fallen pine trees from smashed strong
the fence.

Fortunately, the storm was so
strong that it disconnected a few villages, the wind knocked hundreds of trees,
heavy rain flooded streets and houses. Injured and one person unfortunately died, seventeen
are in hospital in a condition of average weight.

Recall that just recently, the actress along with her daughter Agnia
Ditkovskite, son Dominic and grandson of Fedor moved into a new house.

Twelve years Tatiana lutaeva lived in a rented
apartments and finally bought their own homes: house with a beautiful forest
plot. “Here grow pine, birch and spruce,” she said to the magazine “7 days”.
Is the house of our dreams! We are all together now with my kids — daughter
Agniey and son Dominic, the grandson of Theodore and three dogs will live in your
own home. This is our first property and we’re all very happy!”

All the plot is, fortunately, not left — but five
trees died. Thin birch broke down in the middle of the trunk, a century-old tree and
pine trees had been torn by the elements from the root.

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