Tatiana lutaeva rejuvenated, but I didn’t like “doll”

Татьяна Лютаева омолодилась, но не стала похожа на «куклу»
The actress spoke about the main principle in the fight against the signs of aging.

Tatiana Lutaeva

Photo: @tanialyutaeva Instagram Tatiana Lutaeva

Tatiana lutaeva afraid to repeat the fate of some stars, who in the pursuit of youth and beauty lost identity. The motto of the actress in self care is: “a Woman should look your age only the good and well-groomed!” 53-year-old actress manages to follow this principle. The other day she showed looks like without makeup after seeing the beautician. It is worth noting that although Tatiana and does not pursue the goal, but it looks still looks younger than the age specified in the passport.

“How nice to have a miracle doctor with the Golden hands! You go out without makeup and no puppet tautness!” – shows off the result of lutaeva.

Tatiana believes that the main helpers of women in the struggle with imperfect appearance is healthy sleep, proper nutrition and a positive attitude. Women who are experiencing a lot of stress, there will inevitably be wrinkles. By the way, lutaeva yet without plastic surgery and without the “beauty shots”. “I’m not afraid of them, but the actress must be alive. My wrinkles are very important. In the end, I’m not going to play girls… I like it when my age is known. But the actress with a rigid face and artificial hands is for me a nonsense. So I prefer to do without the injections. But every 3 months treat skin biorevitalization”, – told Tatiana 7days.ru.