Tatiana Chulkova had plastic surgery

Татьяна Охулкова сделала пластическую операцию
The former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Tatiana Chulkova not afraid to go under the surgeon’s knife.

Татьяна Охулкова сделала пластическую операцию

The girl decided to transform your shape and went to a plastic surgeon Nut Babayan.

Tatiana did lipofilling. This procedure involves transferring your own fat into the buttocks.

“For me this is a very serious step, reports Kulkova. – I long thought, whether to go under the knife, is it worth it? I visited several clinics, and consulted different doctors, but it stopped at Nut Pavlovich, because he alone was able to inspire my faith in the end result. Besides, among my friends there is a clear example of his perfect works…

As for the injections… I must admit, I dont really like my butt. And I still support the idea that the reflection in the mirror should cause joy, not regret. I want to be confident and to cause the admiring male glances. From childhood sitting on a diet, constantly engaged in sports, but to pump up the buttocks and are unable. And legs I would like to see a more graceful… And then a chance – thighs can make skinny, and butt, due to this, more lush. Why give up such an opportunity? Yes, surgery is a risk, but what to do, for the sake of your dreams, you can decide on everything!

…The operation was successful, for which I am very grateful to the doctor. Feel good, tomorrow will be able to go home. From the inconvenience of only one month can’t do sports, but I’m so used at least twice a week to go to the gym… But well, will have to wait.”

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