Tatiana Bulanova was thinking about returning to her ex-husband

Татьяна Буланова задумалась о возвращении к бывшему мужу The singer shared his thoughts on this subject. The artist believes that true love will overcome all the trials that befell the lovers. Tatiana Bulanova remembered celebrities who have managed to get back together after a divorce.
Татьяна Буланова задумалась о возвращении к бывшему мужу

With Vladislav Radimov Tatyana Bulanov divorced last year. Since former spouses communicate regularly and even spend time together. Apparently, the gap does not impact on the relationship between ex-lovers, and they managed to stay friends. Moreover, speaking about the future, the artist is not once mentioned, he didn’t know how it all goes at them with Radimov, but does not exclude that the family can be reunited.

In a recent interview with reporters Bulanova talked on the theme of relationships between men and women, recalled former spouses and analyzed the situation, which turned out to be. We will remind, Tatyana and Vladislav then converged, then diverged, due to numerous infidelities on the part of the athlete. Speaking of divorce, the singer of the hits “my Clear light,” “My darling” and “don’t cry,” he added that he knows a lot of famous couples who found the strength to forgive each other old insults and to get back together.

“There is such a great commentator Gennady Orlov, who divorced his wife, then they got married again. And live happily, – said the artist. And a lot of stories – Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova. They also had a similar story. Sergey Zhigunov and his… but, no, there is little else”.
Татьяна Буланова задумалась о возвращении к бывшему мужу

Interestingly, earlier numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prognosis for the future stars, which suggested that the pair Bulanova Radimov and destined to establish a relationship. Moreover, the expert claimed that the artist thinks about the wedding, and it is not excluded that relatives of the former spouse will again walk at their wedding. Tatiana Bulanova afraid to talk to your son about the breakup with her husband

Talking about changes in his personal life, Bulanova emphasizes that it does not matter or age of the future chosen, nor his position. However, for the singer it is important that her man liked Petersburg and was ready to settle down in this city. In addition, Tatiana I would like to favorite felt for her feelings more than she towards him.

“The main thing – that the love was mutual. But the man must love woman a little more. And the woman should allow herself to love. I know there’s something more than what we don’t know, but it’s there, I just don’t want to talk about it,” said the star in an interview with Woman’s Day.