Татьяна Буланова забрала мужа из отделения полиции Famous football player Vladislav Radimov detained for driving without documents. Tatiana Bulanova took the wife of the cameras for intruders. The singer had to pay a fine.

      Татьяна Буланова забрала мужа из отделения полиции

      Popular singer Tatyana Bulanova before I had to go to the police. To appear in the office she had because of her husband, the famous footballer, the coach of Petersburg club “Zenit-2” Vladislav Radimov. The fact that the husband of the popular singer of the 90-ies was arrested for violation of traffic rules.

      After the traffic police stopped the car of a famous athlete and began to check the documents, it turned out that Vladislav allowed myself to get behind the wheel without a license. Moreover, Radimov has categorically refused to pass examination, and also had a long argument with employees of a traffic service. After bickering a well-known trainer was taken to the police station and his black Mercedes was sent to the pound.

      To resolve the incident, and also to get Radimova cell for detainees hurried Tatiana Bulanova. Reportedly, the wife had to pay a fine of more than two and a half thousand roubles.

      I must say that just a month ago a famous football player begging for forgiveness from his star wife. However, what was to blame before his beloved Vladislav, he never said. In his microblog appeared a record with which he was trying to find some way out of this conflict situation. “Friends! Come to the rescue! Had a fight the day before with Tatyana (Well who doesn’t?) I do not know whether he tried someone once to make peace and apologize via “Instagram”, but I’ll try! Their mistakes I must admit! If you are not lazy, write to me here, for Tatiana, asking me to forgive! And if you’ll excuse me, I will sing “don’t cry” in a duet and post here. Thanks in advance” – appealed to his fans footballer.

      Nevertheless, while Tatiana responded absolutely not, as suggested by subscribers Radimova. “OK! Sing!” briefly she wrote, although fans expected Bulanova generously forgive spouse after this apology.

      Apparently, now Ragimovu have to apologize to his wife. The material on deprivation of a driver’s license will be sent to the court. Interestingly, the car, which was traveling Vladislav, did not belong to the coach, and was leased, according to the portal Fontanka.ru.

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