Tatiana Bulanova rejects suitors

Татьяна Буланова отвергает женихов The singer told about his personal life after divorce with football player Vladislav Radimov. Tatiana Bulanova said that he has no plans to marry again, and started talking about readiness to be a grandmother. In addition, the artist told about the marriage contract with Radimov.
Татьяна Буланова отвергает женихов

In 2016, Tatiana Bulanova divorced from her husband Vladislav Radimov. Despite the fact that the couple separated, they maintained a good relationship. Tatiana and Vladislav live under one roof and take part in the education of the son Nikita. Bulanova recently told reporters about how her life after her breakup with football player.

The singer says that is not ready to marry again. Fans of Tatiana regularly make her an offer of marriage, but she refuses.

“I’m still opened for new relationship. But so far no changes in my personal life. Let’s see what will happen next. In social networks, I always offer a hand and heart. But it’s not exactly what you should pay attention. Honestly, men don’t want to leave. Because you know the stamp in the passport is not the most important thing for me,” said the celebrity.
Татьяна Буланова отвергает женихов

At the same time, the star does not exclude that someday again will be decided on an important step in the relationship. Tatiana prefers not to make any plans. “It is enough that people live together and love each other. But if I had someone make an offer and I’ll be ready to go to the registry office, everything can be”, – said the singer.

Reporters asked Tatiana about how it applies to marriage contracts. In his youth the signing of an agreement with your lover seemed to be something unacceptable. The singer thought that such an action brings to divorce. Over time, the views Bulanova has changed.

“In fact, there is nothing wrong. God forbid a happy family life to all people, but after time can happen anything. And the mating contact protects against unpleasant moments, which can be. I myself have made a marriage agreement” – shared the star.

According to Tatiana, they Vladislaus entered into an agreement, but not at the beginning of life together, and closer to the end. The couple reacted calmly to the paperwork. “I have a situation where no marital agreement could not” – says the artist.

Bulanova children will understand them with Radimov desire to leave. The eldest son of Tatiana Alexander is an adult, he works as a Barista at a coffee chain. Now the young man was preparing to move out from his mother. Alexander’s girlfriend works in the field of veterinary. Bulanov confessed that it is waiting for grandchildren. Before star dreamed of having a daughter, but after a while he changed his mind, she said Sobesednik.ru.