Tatiana Bulanova is experiencing the death of a loved one

Татьяна Буланова переживает смерть близкого человека The famous singer has lost one of the dearest people. Died parent stars Nina Pavlovna. Recently lived a woman celebrated her birthday. Fans of Tatiana Bulanova bring her condolences on social media.
Татьяна Буланова переживает смерть близкого человека

The singer Tatyana Bulanova told fans the sad news. On 86-m to year of life has died the mother celebrity Nina Pavlovna. In the microblog actress appeared photo a burning candle on a black background. In the caption to the photograph the woman wrote: “Mom…”

Details of the sad event the singer chose not to share, giving to understand that it is now very difficult. Just a month ago, Nina p. celebrated his birthday.

Татьяна Буланова переживает смерть близкого человека

Social media users expressed their condolences to the singer and advised her to stay. “What a pity”, “Let them rest in peace”, “You are strong, we are always mentally with you. Mourning, remembrance,” “the power of the spirit to you now” “I know how hard it is, she buried my mom in January,” “How? God rest the soul”, “the Loss of the dearest person in the world – an irreparable loss. Hold on, it forever remains in your heart”, “Say, when people in heart have a hole. Let it be filled with warm memories. And the house is cold,” wrote in the comments of the post artist.

We will remind that Nina p. Bulanova one time worked as a photographer, but then devoted herself to raising children – Tatiana and Valentina. It is known that the parent star played the guitar and sang. However, the future artist was introduced to the music of the elder brother, who showed her “thieves” chords. At the age of fifteen years Bulanova was able to sing city songs.

In an interview, the famous singer said that he received tremendous support from my mom. Nina Pavlovna lived in the cottage, located outside St. Petersburg. Every time Tatiana Bulanova was away on tour, she left the younger son Nikita in the care of a mother. He loved spending time with grandma, the soul is not causa for grandchildren.

The elderly woman calmly accept all the hardships of life and even joked about the deterioration of the economic situation in the country. Tatiana Bulanova shared that her mother, who was passionately interested in country economy was set up fairly optimistic. Nina p. said that she had to face, not with this.

However, sometimes between a mother and daughter disagreements. According to Tatiana Bulanova, sometimes she argued with a parent. Nina Pavlovna regularly watched the news on TV and could debate with the daughter on the most important topics of the day.