Tatiana Bulanova intrigued by the unfamiliar man

Татьяна Буланова заинтриговала снимком с незнакомым мужчиной
The singer promised fans some good news in the new year.

Photo: Instagram

Tatiana Bulanova gave food for thought to the public. Everyone knows that the singer is not going through the easiest period in relations with her husband, hockey player Vladislav Radimov. The couple announced that their marriage broke up, however, they continue to live together. Whether for son, or for the fact that I don’t know how to share a luxury apartment in the centre of Saint-Petersburg.

And now, two weeks before the New year, Bulanov published in a personal blog a photo, which embraces a stranger. The singer has signed a snapshot: “Wait for news in the New year…”

And now her fans argue that Tatiana had in mind. Whether it’s a new clip of the actress, who, as always, will be essentially little movies about love. Whether the singer truly found a new love and is now preparing to announce it all over the country.

Where in fact the truth, yet knows only itself Bulanova. But that great mood before the holidays, in itself is not bad. Year for it really proved to be difficult. In December last year, she survived a cheating husband, and in the fall of 2017 was not her beloved mother, Nina Pavlovna.