Tatiana Bulanova gave a bribe to the TV station

Татьяна Буланова дала взятку телеканалу The actress recalled the beginning of his career. According to Tatyana Bulanova, her as a singer much influenced by the 90s. during a conversation with journalists, the pop star recalled the grueling tour, the first victories and the deception of the organizers of the concerts.
Татьяна Буланова дала взятку телеканалу

The singer Tatyana Bulanova became famous in the 90-ies. The pop star shared with reporters memories of a bygone era. According to Tatiana, she wouldn’t have described this time as “dashing”. Then thoughts Bulanova were busy working – she had a lot to tour with the group “the Summer garden”. The audience warmly welcomed artists. Celebrity links this attitude with the socio-economic situation in the country.

Татьяна Буланова дала взятку телеканалу“I have an explanation then superpopulyarnymi pop musicians: buy in shops was nothing, and all the money that people had, they spent on entertainment. All the products in 1990-1991 with coupons, and then was born the joke: “If you washed your hands with soap and water, then drink the tea without sugar,” – says Bulanova.

Nikolai Tagrin, the head of group “the Summer garden”, which became the first husband of the singer and the father of her child, tried to meet people who could help promote the team. According to Tatyana, there were times when they demanded money in exchange for their services. Once Bulanova and her colleagues had to meet the employee of the TV station to get their song aired.

“When Nikolai Tagrin brought a tape of our record editor music Department of the Leningrad TV Zinaida Ivankovic, she said, “I don’t understand: drums in unison, it is unclear boy or girl singing. My integrity can not put on the air the Amateur”. As it turned out, her integrity was evaluated in two thousand roubles, – Tatyana recalled, laughing. – However, it was not a bribe, pure and in it’s “package offer” was to shoot a music video. We took two thousand rubles borrowed from friends and paid her.”
Татьяна Буланова дала взятку телеканалу

In 1991, they released the hit “don’t cry”, which allowed the group “the Summer garden” to win the Grand Prix at the festival “Hit of the year.” Colleague Tatyana Bulanova did not believe that they will win, so the award was a pleasant surprise. By the way, except for the team Tagriny, was nominated and the group “Forum”, which enjoyed great popularity at the time. After the event, the musicians went to celebrate an important event in the disco “Courier” in DC communication. “On the table was a few sandwiches with sausage and cheese, but we felt that he was breaking from food,” said Tatiana.

According to the memoirs Bulanova, then with colleagues they did not know about the existence of the rider. The artists themselves were sent to the organizers of concerts posters with a blank space for the date and the location.

“Came out on stage. And well, if I received money for it: very often it turned out that someone threw something, or producer already killed, and all the tickets sold, the hall was full – had to sing for free. It happened that for two weeks we gave forty concerts” – quoted Bulanov Sobaka.ru.