Tatiana Bulanova found out about the cheating young man

Татьяна Буланова узнала об измене молодого мужа
The singer shocked the incident.

Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov


Recently Tatyana Bulanova has shared with his fans a very personal experience. The artist complained to the fans that found out about the terrible betrayal of her husband is a football coach Vladislav Radimov. Anyway, just so members understand the latest publication of the singer in the microblog.

Under the joint photo with a young husband Bulanova wrote: “I don’t know what’s more disgusting — betrayal close as I thought, a person, or friend (apparently as I thought). Probably close to betrayal harder and scarier.I hate to whine and complain and most likely will delete this post then, but that is because almost morning, or something-just a little bit cry in your vests…”

By the way, their dramatic reflections Tatyana does not removed from your page in social networks. Members have tried to support and comfort the mentally suppressed singer.

Recall, this is not the first problems arose in the marriage and Bulanova Radimov. Some time ago the couple was already on the verge of divorce, but were still able to overcome the crisis in relations. Get it from them this time, only time will tell.