Tatiana Bulanova first talked about the betrayal

Татьяна Буланова впервые заговорила о предательстве The famous singer posted a disturbing message to fans. Tatyana Bulanova has written about the unseen. In addition, she complained of feeling unwell. The star jumped up pressure.

      Татьяна Буланова впервые заговорила о предательстве

      It seems that in the life of Tatyana Bulanova has been a dark band. Just last month, the wife of the singer, football player Vladislav Radimov, has deprived the rights. The star had to bail shiftless husband out of the police station, where he behaved inappropriately. In the end, the results of the trial, the athlete was fined 30 thousand rubles and deprived of his driving license for 18 months. Apparently, this problem in a famous family is not over.

      Late last night, Tatiana has published in his microblog alarm message. “When you have friends, and betrayal can survive!” – she wrote. Perhaps Bulanova just abstractly thinking on this topic. However, fans rushed to support her and cheer.

      “Tanya, I hope nothing bad happened? I wish you strength and patience, everything will get better, “And not only friends! Tanya, we, fans, are always with You, too! Sunshine To You Too!” “Tanya you’re so good, so fragile, and not ashamed to offend you, we love you very much”, “the Betrayal is not terrible, and not at all deadly, you know. It is just a circumstance that further in life you go,” they wrote.

      Татьяна Буланова впервые заговорила о предательстве

      It is possible that the words of subscribers really encouraged star. However, spiritual experiences, or maybe just a busy work schedule has knocked down health of the singer. The morning after a sad statement about the betrayal in the microblog Bulanova there is a picture with a blood pressure monitor, digital scoreboard which showed clearly excessive pressures on 186 111 is at the norm of 120 over 80. “The only sensible option – emergency medical services. This is a very high pressure, can not self-medicate to deal with. Get well!” – warned his favorite fans.

      Husband of Tatiana begs her forgiveness

      We will remind, in the family of Bulanova is not the first time there are quarrels. So, in the beginning of the year Vladislav Radimov has published on his page on “Instagrame” appeal to fans in which he asked them to help beg his wife’s forgiveness. “Friends! Come to the rescue! – admitted spouse Bulanova. – Had a fight the day before with Tatyana (Well, who doesn’t?) I don’t know did anyone tried once to make peace and apologize via “Instagram”, but I’ll try! Their mistakes must be admitted! If you are not lazy, write to me here, for Tatiana, please forgive me! And if you’ll forgive me, I sing “don’t cry” in a duet and post it here. Thanks in advance”.

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