Tatiana Bulanova celebrated their wedding anniversary after infidelity

Татьяна Буланова отпраздновала годовщину свадьбы после измены Scandal in the family singer and the athlete took an unexpected turn. More recently, the artist announced a firm intention to divorce with a loved one. However, now the pair demonstrates an absolute idyll and notes important for their family date.

      Татьяна Буланова отпраздновала годовщину свадьбы после измены

      Just a few days ago Tatiana Bulanova openly stated to the public about the betrayal of a spouse. The artist has placed in his microblog post, devoted to the theme of betrayal of a loved one with a friend. Subscribers Bulanova decided that she says about her own husband, and no one had any doubt that Vladislav Radimov hurt her. Tatyana Bulanova is difficult to talk about conflict in the family

      “I don’t know what’s more disgusting: the betrayal of a close, as I thought, a person, or friend. Apparently, or so I thought. Probably close to betrayal harder and scarier. I hate to whine and complain, and most likely will delete this post later, but, whether because it’s almost morning, or something. Just a little bit cry in your waistcoat” – posted by Bulanova in Instagram.

      However, after a time, the controversial post was deleted, but the tat in conversation with journalists has confirmed that her family is really a crisis, and it is possible that end in divorce. Despite the fact that the intention to part with the chosen one, the star said firmly, Radimova, apparently, managed to achieve forgiveness. Last night the couple spent time together at the restaurant, which celebrated its 11th anniversary.

      “11 years from the day of the wedding! Romantic dinner” – such words accompanied its publication of the spouse of Tatyana Bulanova.

      The post Vladislav Radimov in Instagram, dedicated to the romantic evening with his beloved, caused a strong reaction among subscribers. Some were happy for the spouses, relations which, apparently, rage serious passions. Others, however, regretted Bulanov and upset because of her gullibility. However, those who were really happy for their favourite singer, was still more.

      “Congratulations on your holiday! Happiness and love to you! For many years you remain an example of prosperous and happy families!”, “I join in the congratulations! What is Tatiana beautiful! These are no more! Take care of her, she’s such a happiness!”, “I congratulate heartily You! Public people are very hard to live in the present time. And everything that everyone knows about them… And know more than the people themselves, living so many years together. And “well-wishers” they have more than enough! But you are doing fine. I wish You happiness, love and patience!”