Tatiana Bulanova admitted why twice divorced

Татьяна Буланова призналась, почему дважды развелась Not so long ago it became known that the singer had split with second husband, football player Vladislav Radimov. Bulanova for a long time did not comment on the gap. However, according to the artist, she managed to stay on good terms with both ex-husbands.
Татьяна Буланова призналась, почему дважды развелась

Tatiana Bulanova continues to insist that she really divorced from second husband Vladislav Radimov. The singer admitted to journalists that remained in friendly relations with her ex-husband. The actress also added that her first husband, musician and producer Nicholas Chagrin, in marriage, with whom she lived for 13 years, also good talk with her. Both chosen Bulanova supported her in a difficult period: the star mother died recently.

“No, we do not agree with Vlad, but apart. But we are not enemies. Of course we communicate, now. And why can’t we do that? This is my second divorce. I with her first husband also normally communicate. This year my mom died. First husband attended the funeral and helped me, as well as the second. We have so many lived together: one dad’s eldest son, and another younger son. How can I not communicate with them? I’m a non-confrontational totally. Consider this: the less enemies in life, the better. Anyone evil does not hold and hope for me, too!” – said the singer.

According to Bulanova, on her marriage with Radimov always reported false information. However, over a long period of time she was not to discuss such rumors.

“With all the sad events that have happened in my life, I don’t think absolutely about it. Babysitting Mama is a very hard, terrible tragedy, terrible, God forbid anyone. But I guess it is natural, when the parents go before children. Such is life – nothing stands still. But I’ll survive, survive. I’m strong,” – said the singer.

The actress said that each person is unique, and the future of the elect Tatiana will be evaluated on many factors. “You talk and you realize: that’s the beauty of how he is interesting and deep, the other can not be found! It’s not even my character – a lot of factors should be to keep people together. It’s like a song – how to write a hit, nobody knows. Life is so complicated, but actually it’s good,” said Bulanov.

Despite a difficult period in my life, Tatiana is confident that ahead of her expected a change for the better. The artist even asked for help to people with superhuman abilities.

“Different and can not be! The psychics told me that I was a third time married, in the fifth. But who knows when that will happen. Wait!” – said the singer.

After two marriages Bulanova dream to meet a reliable life partner. Tatiana admitted to the edition “the Interlocutor” that to build a relationship with her is not easy.

“Let’s not think about it. It will be, so be it. But I have a very complex character: not every man can get along with me. As I do with him. Of course, maybe I’m wrong, but I think so,” the singer explained.