Татьяна Буланова призналась в изменах мужу The singer decided to revelation. Tatiana Bulanova was married twice, but both marriages ended in divorce. The actress decided to reveal the reasons for the separation with the main men of her life.
Татьяна Буланова призналась в изменах мужу

Tatiana Bulanova does not like to be Frank about his personal life. That’s why the fans of the actress with a special thrill waiting for her appearance in the “million dollar Secret”. For the first time in many years, the star revealed the truth about their divorce.

Bulanova was married twice. With the first husband Nicholas, she lived 13 years in an official Union, but eventually the relationship collapsed. Communicating with Leroy Kudryavtseva, she remembered why the feeling disappeared.

“The breakup was my initiative. Then I met Vlad, and I’m literally blown away. It was a delusion. Of course, nick was in shock, he was very worried. For a few years before I had another brief affair. The man called Sergei. It was a big passion, I even told my husband that decided to leave him. Then, If the attitude to me changed, I became literally the center of his Universe. In the end, we had been married for six years, but the meeting with Radimov everything changed”, – shared memories Bulanova.
Татьяна Буланова призналась в изменах мужу

According to the singer, she managed to maintain good relations with her first husband. They are still working together, touring and communicate. She stressed that very much appreciates the support of the former spouse, but Nicholas still doesn’t like Vladislav Radimov.

The second marriage of the actress lasted 11 years. Tatiana until the last wanted to save the relationship, but in the end, she still had to file for divorce. What singer was the initiator of parting with Radimov.

“There has been influenced by several factors. Then the transmission started to go that girl, the blonde. She told me that literally lives with Vlad, claimed that is friends with his mom. I later learned that Vlad’s mother really talked to her, and since then, our contacts came to naught. But it’s not just about the cheating. Simple relations have been exhausted, the thrill is gone but we kept a great relationship,” said Bulanov.

Now the couple continue to live in the same apartment. They do not quarrel and do not conflict. Moreover, Bulanova son from his first marriage is on friendly terms with his stepfather.

But Tatiana could not find a common language with the offspring. The boy was offended that parents are often absent from home and refused to accept expensive gifts from my mom. Now the artist was able to establish contact with the heir. She hoped that soon the eldest son will make her a grandmother.

Despite the fact that divorce with Vladislav Radimov officially took place a year ago, Bulanova continues to live with the ex-spouse under the same roof. She’s not sure that their romance come to an end, because the former husband continues to feel her feelings.

“Just recently he texted me “I love you”. I responded with a smiley face. Not sure what that something might come out. In any case, we communicate well, do not quarrel. Of course, divorce was very hard, but I believe that it was necessary”, – said the artist.

Now the star is all also a lot of performances, touring in different cities and countries. Spare time, she tries to spend with his youngest son Nikita, who also, like his father got serious about soccer.